Attention! This is a legacy build of the Mega Man RPG from 2016 and is no longer being maintained. Reported bugs will not be fixed and any progress made here will not be saved. Return to the archive index for more legacy content or play the current version of the game for all the new stuff.

About the Mega Man RPG World


World Overview

Guts Man

The Mega Man RPG World is an ongoing fan-game project with the goal of creating a progress-saving, no-download, no-install, cross-platform, browser-based Mega Man RPG (or what some would call a PBBG) that combines the addictive collection and battle mechanics of the Pokémon series with the beloved robots and special weapons of the classic Mega Man series. Fight your way through more than fifty different robot masters in a turn-based battle system reminiscent of both play-by-post forum games and early 8-bit role-playing games.

Air Man

This game is written with a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP, and is completely DOM-based on the front-end (no <canvas> here, folks!). The game uses a great deal of assets from official Capcom games and is derivative in every sense of the word, but still has a lot of new ideas and content to offer including a considerable amount of custom sprite work for robots, abilities, players, and fields as well as clever mechanics, addictive gameplay, and fun new twists on the classic Mega Man formula.


(!) If you would like to contribute to this game with story ideas, sprites, stat balancing, bug testing, or anything else please contact me or post in our community and we can discuss the details. The robots, mechas, and fields for MM1, MM2, and MM4 are complete, robots from MM3, MM4, and several from other games are complete (but not their stages) and new stuff is being worked on all the time so our exact requirements are always changing. Whatever you end up working on, your work will be credited appropriately and all help is appreciated. :)

Mega Man and all related names and characters are © Capcom 1986 - 2022.
This game is fan-made by Adrian Marceau, not affiliated or endorsed by Capcom at all, and is in no way official. Any and all feedback is appreciated. :)