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As you may know, a new update was released one-two days ago. Since nobody bothered to inform us in the News & Updates section what this update is about, here are all changes I noticed:

• New Abilities - Light/Wily/Cossack Buster, Attack/Defense/Speed/Energy Support/Assault/Shuffle, Thunder Strike, Danger Bomb, Rising Cutter, Time Slow, Ice Breath.
• New icon and sprites for Copy Shot
Copy Shot is now obtained upon reaching 3750 Battle Points
• Some descriptions altered
• Stats of most abilities altered
• Now the start ability of IceMan is Ice Breath instead of the Ice Slasher
• Now the start ability of GutsMan is Super Throw instead of the Super Arm
• Now the start ability of ElecMan is Thunder Strike instead of the Thunder Beam
• Thunder Beam is now Electric/Laser type and consumes 2x energy
• Ice Slasher is now Freeze/Cutter type and consumes 2x energy
Super Arm now consumes 2x energy for creating the blockade, but throwing it is free
Buster abilities now consume WE only for charging, firing is free

If you would find the changes not listed here, please tell me about them in the comments.
The Newest Update
Posted by Searinox on November 14th, 2013 at 12:02pm
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Adrian Marceau
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Posted on November 14th, 2013 at 12:50pm #1
Once again thanks for posting these - you're very observant!

I uploaded these changes late last night before I went to bed and was going to wait until I got home from work today to post about them. I also like waiting a little bit after an update to iron out bugs before I report on them. Sorry about that!

In terms of what's changed I'll go into more detail later but you've already caught most of the changes yourself.

My main goal in this update was to create more ability options for the initial MM1 robots and (where appropriate) try to make them more dual-typed. Dual type abilities can be equipped by a wider range of robots, so I want to try and get as many in the game as possible. They make battles more interesting and give the non-hero robots more purpose in the game.

You see, these new second tier abilities require a lot of weapon energy on their own (8 units) which doesn't seem worth it in some cases, but when equipped to the right robot (via Core Match or Level Up) they can take substantially less (2 - 4 units) so there's a bit of strategy in what you equip to whom.

I apologize for not posting about the update right away, but thank you for collecting some of the new features in a post for everyone else to see. I'll create a news post later and detail anything you missed. :)
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