Attention! This is a legacy build of the Mega Man RPG from 2016 and is no longer being maintained. Reported bugs will not be fixed and any progress made here will not be saved. Return to the archive index for more legacy content or play the current version of the game for all the new stuff.

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WARNING! This build of the game has many bugs that are in progress of being fixed! Do not report them!
WARNING! Any progress made in this build WILL BE RESET! Data may accidentally be deleted by untested features!
WARNING! Robots are currently unable to switch equipped abilities or items! This will be fixed soon!
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Mega Man and all related names and characters are © Capcom 1986 - 2022.
This game is fan-made by Adrian Marceau, not affiliated or endorsed by Capcom at all, and is in no way official. Any and all feedback is appreciated. :)