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Beta Man

Beta Man is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG World with a current battle point total of 167,684,436 and a zenny total of 461,700. Beta Man created his account on June 27th, 2014 and has since completed 208 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 98 special abilities, and 134 field stars. Beta Man's most-used playable character is Dr. Light, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Mega Man, Crash Man, Bass, Metal Man and Proto Man.

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Welcome to my Profile

December already? Alright, let's do this thing. Time to lose the "Man" part for a change!

"Just wait, everyone. Killer and Quint codes will become a thing!"
-Me in the chat, 4-5-2015

I joined June 27th, 2014, and I enjoyed the game a LOT. And I still do today. I used to want to climb the leaderboard. But now, I just hang around the community.
I do art requests for Alts and Smash Bros. introductions (It doesn't have to be you), but NEVER full sprite sheets, edits, and artwork editing. Either PM me or tell me in the chat (when I'm there).

mega-man ASN-001: Beta Man Weakness: Time and Electric
proto-man ASN-002: Sargent Man Weakness: Swift and Shield
guts-man ASN-003: Boulder Man Weakness: Missile and Explode
cut-man ASN-004: Scissors Man Weakness: Impact and Water
wood-man ASN-005: Tree Man Weakness: Cutter and Flame
pharaoh-man ASN-006: Sun Man Weakness: Nature and Shadow
time-man ASN-007: Hour Man Weakness: Flame and Water
bubble-man ASN-008: Sea Man Weakness: Shadow and Electric

And my other characters. (ERNs 001-041 and Mage Man not included
bass ERN-000: Evil Man
bass HWN-002: Ninja Man
Me in MMPU

Mega Man
mega-man Ah, you have arrived!
mega-man Beta Man? Not you, too!
mega-man Now, time for you to see a TRUE All-Star!

Intro Field
roll We have a problem!
dr-wily Wahahahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. The name's Wily! The one and only - the brilliant scientist, Dr. Wily! It may seem rather sudden to you, but
I've decided I'd like to take over the world! Ahem! Anyway, to begin... Dr. Light! I'll be taking your precious
robots!! (busts in) Nuhahahaha!! That is to say... Hmm?... What's this? Oh, Bt Man... How would you like to join your brothers Nuhahahahah!

roll Our friends are in trouble, Beta Man! Quickly, follow me to the lab!

Dr. Light's Lab
dr-light ...What insanity! Using my robots to conquer the world...
mega-man Don't worry, Dr. Light, I'll stop Wily!
dr-light Beta Man?! (starts thinking) Hmmm... Alright... I understand. I don't like it, but sometimes, such things must be done... I must make the necessary preparations.

dr-light Your powers are stronger in dark areas. Along with that, shadow energy also powers you up.
mega-man Let's do this.

Vs. Cut Man
cut-man With the looks of your color, you must be a bad robot! Dr. Wily was right!
mega-man Well, that's offensive of you, Cut Man.
cut-man It may cut me in half, but I will make you good!

Vs. Bomb Man
bomb-man Ah ah! Don't run off! Let's have a little fun with my explosives!
mega-man Those bombs... Normally, you are careful with them, but now...
bomb-man You shoulda come the day before yesterday! I had some big boom-booms then!

Vs. Ice Man
ice-man There's something dangerous up ahead, sir! Oh? Freeze it at all costs, soldier!
mega-man Did Wily programmed an alternate personality in you or something?
ice-man Orders are orders, so I better get started.

Vs. Fire Man
fire-man Fiiiiire! Burn! Burn! My justice burns hotly! Evil beware!
mega-man Ah, great, Wily made him crazy! I'll have to knock some sense into him.
fire-man Fiiiiire!

Vs. Oil Man
oil-man Hey, whadja come out here for? Don'tcha have a place near your house for fill-ups?
mega-man I'm not here for oil, man. ...No pun intended.
oil-man Too bad it's gonna get all over you once I'm done!

Vs. Elec Man
elec-man You think you can beat me? How shocking!
mega-man Let's make this battle ELECTRIFYING! Heh, see what I did there?
elec-man Mmm... to watch my beautiful bolts fly to the top of your head... To hear your delightful shrieks...

Vs. Time Man
time-man It's about time. You are late.
mega-man How about YOU try to fight an army in your little maze.
time-man I don't have time to play your games.

Vs. Guts Man
guts-man Hey, men only! Little boys don't belong here. Go home before you get hurt!
mega-man Let's just get this over with, you have to come home!
guts-man You big idiot! What'll happen to me if I get fired?! I'm gonna take you down with me!

Vs. Mega Man?
mega-man Hey, Beta Man. I just joined Dr. Wily. Want to join as well?
mega-man I don't know who you are, but you can't fool me!
mega-man Thought for sure that I could... Guess I'll have to take you down.

Vs. Copy Robot
mega-man Well, well, well. Look who we have here.
mega-man That color, that power, that voice... Your just a knock-off of me! Was Wily out of ideas?
mega-man Knock-off? Ha! I am a perfect copy!

Vs. Dr. Wily
dr-wily If only I had programmed you differently back then! ...It would have been genius! It's the only mistake I've made in my life!
mega-man No, the mistake was thinking you could get away with this. Someone has to stop you, and it shall be me!
dr-wily Wha... Why you insolent fool! I will crush you with a loud, loud crunch! Behold, my latest creation, the ultimate combat robot, Wily Machine Number 1! Nuhahahahaha!

For Vs. Sargent Man, and Sargent Man's Dialogues, go to his profile
Dr. Wahwee!
Other Names:
Bt Man (Original Main Username)
Evil Man (Halloween 2014)
Gift Man (Holiday 2014/15)
Independence Man (4th of July 2015)
Nightmare Man (Halloween 2015)
Beta Blizzard (Holiday 2015/16)
My Main Threads:
skull-man Robot Master Batte Cycle: Learn how to defeat Robot Masters! (Currently Dead)
ice-man Forum Game: Snowball Fight: My first Forum Game! Fight each other with snowballs in the Forum version of the classic winter activity!
time-man Backstory Time!: Do you have a character in the Roleplay Community? Does the character have his/her own story that you want to share? Well, this is the thread for you!
time-man The RPG Database: Also for fan-made robot masters, I also have this to display things like weaknesses and such. However, the idea is also used for others, so this is just one of the few.
mega-man Robot Master Group Creator: Not all robots have to fight alone! Make your own crew out of MMRPG's current selection of Robot Masters!
mega-man "Create" a Mega Man Game!: Do you have ideas for a Mega Man Fan Game? Well, sadly, you can't get the tools for it or anything in this thread, but this thread allows you to showcase any ideas you have for how the game would go.
mega-man MMRPG Trading Card Game: The Remake!: A remake of an old TCG thread I made in the past. This thread allows you to make and buy cards and battle with other MMRPG Players that participates in the event in a style similar to the Pokemon TCG games. Compete in or make TCG tournaments HERE.

My MMRPG TCG Card Storage!
OVER-DRIVE!, Time Core, Earth Core, Swift Core, Shadow Core, Laser Core, Electric Core, Flame Core, Time Core, Legacy MegaBoy, Legacy ZeroDXZ, Legacy Bt Man, Legacy X DXZ, Legacy TailsMK4, Legacy Super TailsMK4, Legacy Dr. Light, Legacy Dr. Cossack, Legacy Starforce, Copy Core, Shadow Core, Flame Core, Shadow Core, Freeze Core, Electric Core, Electric Core, Electric Core, Space Core, Bond Man, Ocean Man, Honey Woman, Plant Man, Centaur Man, Metal Man, Earth Core, Water Core, Nature Core, Nature Core, Time Core, Cutter Core, Electric-Laser Core, Light Core, Wily Core, Cossack Core, Light Emblem, Wily Emblem, Cossack Emblem

Let me tell you a story... of the Missing Numbers!

Dr. Light and Cossack work day and night on the prototype. They plan to recreate data of the past Robot Masters to insert. They find data, but a glitch happened while they're being inserted. They become "bugged" robot masters and roam the Prototype. Dr. Light dubs them the Missing Numbers, or TMN. They can't find them the rest of the time they're working on it to create true robot masters, so they believe the system deleted them. However, that is not the case. In fact, they roam around in- they roam- Dr.- TMN- Missing- system-
Error 101010101-

Credit- MBM- Goes to- 10-12-14
...Testing. Testing. ...Ok, it's working. How did that story glitch up my systems? Aw, well. ON TO MILESTONES!

proto-man proto-man My first milestone on 9-23-14: Top 50! proto-man proto-man
bass bass 9-29-14: 100,000+ Zenny! (Too bad it'll all be spent on attacks and fields... And by fields, I mean when they come) bass bass
skull-man skull-man 10-5-14: Happy Super Early Halloween! skull-man skull-man
mega-man mega-man 12-7-14: Happy Hollidays! mega-man mega-man
mega-man mega-man Happy 4th of July/Independence Day/Saturday (Non-Americans) 2015! mega-man mega-man
mega-man mega-man 11-25-15: New Username! mega-man mega-man

mega-man mega-man Be sure to check out my new SmackJeeves Account. mega-man mega-man
MegaBossMan/MegaBonesMan made me this and finished it on I think 8-10-14:
Ninja Man Ninja Outfit
mega-man I asked for Shadow Man.
bass I don't care, it looks great!

And then this the same day:
Shadow Man Ninja Outfit
mega-man There we go.
bass Still, mine looks great.

And the same day again:

And on 10-13-14:
Roleplay Enker
mega-man What brings me to suggest this was to represent the mind control. It looks cool.

Later that day...
Missing Number Bubble Man
mega-man What do you MEAN he's no longer dead?
bass It means he's no longer dead.
mega-man Well, what do we do with this image?
bass I don't know, just place it somewhere!
Quote Collection
bass "When it really comes down to it,...there is no such thing as a "right" or a "wrong", it's just the sense of knowing of how everything happens,.... and why."-ZeroDXZ
Stuff People made for me/my characters that you didn't see yet:

by ZeroDXZ


by ZeroDXZ still

by ZeroDXZ, featuring Meta!

by ZeroDXZ, also featuring Meta

Who else but Zero?
And some random images because why not:

I am a Charizard. FEAR ME! *Insert trollface here* (Credit goes to Ender, I think.) Good luck with that, MegaBoy. 1 whatever is one prayer I couldn't resist. I couldn't resist. (Cut Man version) Dang it, Wily! You and your tricks and robots and roboenza and evilness and eyebrows My favorite filler by far. Enjoyed having a text box over your face, Wily?
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