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Meta is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG World with a current battle point total of 878,029,450,273 and a zenny total of 1,619,800. Meta created his account on April 25th, 2014 and has since completed 467 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 94 special abilities, and 1024 field stars. Meta's most-used playable character is Dr. Wily, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Disco, Proto Man, Bubble Man, Fire Man and Oil Man.

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  • +2985 Rating
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  • 76 Victories
  • 104 Defeats
  • +100 Rating
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  • 32 Field Stars
  • 992 Fusion Stars
  • +20,160% Boost
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  • 40 Summoned
  • 14 Scanned
  • 94 Encountered
Meta: The 11 year old Gamer and one of the only people in the Furry Fandom on this site.

Current News Collumns 3: Revenge o- Wait this isnt Collumns 3!

Girlfriends Making me a fursuit, cheap, but good, I get it for free

Other Online games you might see me playing:
Helmet Heroes
Ninja Kiwi Games
Unlimited Ninja
Town of Salem
And more.

If you have a 3ds, then I play Super Street Fighter 4... 3D Edition... As Meta. (I usually Play as Blanka, Or some random character)

Robot Gallery (Max stats)

Max stat progress: 1/38


The Profile Of Meta/MetaKirbSter/10+ Possible Names.

Welcome to my Profile.

My Interests:
Video Games
PC Games/Stuff
Hanging out w/friends and more,
MJ Music, (Specifically the 16-bit Versions Of his Music. Bad, Another Part of Me, Billy/Billie Jean, and Smooth Criminal Respectively.)
And whatever else.

I'm A Evolved Form Of Pikachu...! Just Great. XD (Riachu's Ok... More Power, But Pikachu...
This is one of the Last times i Used TinyPic... But other than that... This was the Starting Day. It all started when i was 12th and Toby had Just Gotten to First. I knew i needed to Grind up there. I was so... Inferior... But... It had to be done, I didn't want to be inferior.

This was only The Beginning. Sure, I Proved that i can grind And Be Dedicated... But, I still didn't Prove myself... The next day, However...

Seems I had Proven i can get past 100 Billion... 125 Billion, and 8th. This was gtting Better... I had the chance to face FemaleForte (Still Do) A VERY Huge BP Giver... Or at least, Until we get a person that has all Max stats Again... (Tails Looking at you) And... Yeah.

I got Lazier... But it was At least good to have 200 Billion. It'd be The Next day where i fit into the Big 6. Though.

See... I had gotten to 275... I was Safe from Rhythm.

5/10/15 (Or Basically, The last Tinypic results Photo, I think.)
So... I'd gotten 50 Billion, and passed 300 Billion... Not Bad.

When i Passed 400 Billion
400 Billion Passed.

450 Billion Passed
450 Billion.

500 Billion
500 Billion!

Again, 5/22/15 (Exactly a Month Before My Birthday Was... :P)
5th PLACE!
5th Place.

Passed 600 Billion (Actually, the 625 Billion Mark, Really)
625 Billion Passed

Top 3 Also 700 Billion Passed
Top 3!

This starts a New generation of Grinders... This is amazing. I've gotten the Star... And i can Retire Happily. I Plan to get 900 Billion... As soon as some others (2nd place) Start's Grinding... So, Yeah. This is A Good Start... It's been a year, and a month, Since i've been here... This account has given me so many good times, Some bad times... and Fresh Experiences. I hope that this 2nd Year... We can get to 1 Trillion, and get even more... :) And First Place!

Absolutely random stuff:
Shovel Knight will Reign Supreme again... AdVenture Capitalist might have a chance too.
Because Furries
Unlimited Ninja stuff
Globox was Nicer, In Rayman 2
really interesting stuff/rip=rayman in pieces

More furry things (But im not even a teen yet!
Some unused Cave Story sprites are the best.

That one Furry Quiz; 2nd Result Edition

51 Dang WPM! thats great for an 11 Year old!

My thoughts on Fursuits: (Will be Updated Over Time)
I want one. They are Pretty good costumes to Dress in, and you get to show your Fursona. Sure, they may seem a little FNAF Animatronic Creepy (Nah, FNAF Isnt too scary anyways), But not really. You could use them for Charity, Random outings, Furry Conventions, Or, Just make a fun video with a little dance.
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