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Robot Stats

November 17th, 2013 at 4:13pm
Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Robot Stats play a hugely important role in the Mega Man RPG and are the base of all damage, recovery, accuracy, and turn-order calculations made in any given battle. The basics of this system are pretty straight forward, but the exact breakdown of how those stats come to be is a little more complicated. I will attempt to explain how they work in this post.

Ability Damage Calculations : Attack vs Defense

Whenever any robot uses an attack on another, there are several calculations that happen before deciding on the final damage amount. There are four main components - ability power, the user's attack stat, the target's defense stat, and any field multipliers in play. There may be exceptions to these rules or other hidden factors, but we're going to focus only on the attack and defense components for this article.

Basic damage calculation is as follows:

round( [Ability Power]{none} * ( [User's Attack]{attack} / [Target's Defense]{defense} ) ) = [Base Damage]{damage}

Let's look at the screenshot below and try to predict the damage.
Mission Battle : Proto Man Stats

We know the ability power for Shadow Blade is 16 damage, and we can see the attack and defense stats on-screen (Proto Man has 441 attack and Disco has 352 defense), so the calculation for this ability's base damage would go like this:

round( [16]{none} * ( [441]{attack} / [352]{defense} ) ) = [Base Damage]{damage}

round( [16]{none} * ( [~1.25284]{attack_defense} ) ) = [Base Damage]{damage}

round( [~20.04546]{none} ) = [Base Damage]{damage}

[Base Damage]{damage} = [20]{none}

After this the ability is checked against robot weaknesses and resistances, field multipliers, position modifiers, and any attachment logic to get the final damage. Even with all the extra modifications that happen, stats can still play a big role in determining damage - the higher your robot's attack stat is relative to the target's defense stat the more damage your attacks will deal overall. Robot speed affects accuracy and turn-order, but that will not be covered in this post. With these concepts in mind, figuring out how to increase a robot's stats is where things get more complicated.

Robot Base Stats : Experience and Level Up

Each robot has a unique set of base stats determined by which robot master they represent, which is to say every player's Mega Man will start out with the exact same stats as any other player's Mega Man, and Ice Man will start out with the same stats as any other Ice Man, and so on.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Mega Man as a character has a very balanced set of base stats with 100's in every category. These stats will increase proportionately as Mega Man gains experience and levels up, but stat distributions are not always this even with some robots excelling in attack, defense, speed, or even energy! The base stats for any robot can be viewed from the in-game database, giving you a rough estimate of how any target or teammate might perform in battle.

Robot Database : Mega Man Stats

Whenever a target robot is defeated in battle, your entire team gains experience points and those experience points accumulate over time. Once a robot has gained 1000 experience points, it will level up by one and all stats will be increased by 5%. Use the following example calculation to determine the Level Up bonuses for any given robot.

round( [Base Stat]{none} + ( ( [Robot Level]{level} - 1 ) * ( 0.05 * [Base Stat]{none} ) ) ) = [Robot Stat]{none}

Let's try this out on the Mega Man above to find out his Energy at Level 100:

round( [100]{none} + ( ( [100]{level} - 1 ) * ( 0.05 * [100]{none} ) ) ) = [Robot Energy]{energy}

round( [100]{none} + ( [99]{level} * [5]{none} ) ) = [Robot Energy]{energy}

round( [100]{none} + ( [495]{level_none} ) ) = [Robot Energy]{energy}

[Robot Energy]{energy} = [595]{none}

Robot Bonus Stats : Player Bonuses

Each of the three playable characters have a unique stat bonus in battle which is automatically applied to any robots currently under their care. That means that a robot's stats will be affected by which player is currently using it, and these stats are updated in real-time when using the in-game robot editor. Player bonuses appear underlined in blue in the screenshot below:

Robot Editor : Mega Man Stats

Dr. Light has been given a bonus of Robot Defense +25%, Dr. Wily gets Robot Attack +25%, and Dr. Cossack gets Robot Speed +25%. If a robot is not under the care of its original master and has been transferred, its player bonus will be suppressed and it will instead gain double the experience points in battle.

Robot Bonus Stats : Knockout Bonuses

In addition to the normal experience points earned in battle, robots who deal the finishing blow to targets are rewarded with additional bonus stats that their sitting-on-the-bench counterparts do not have access to. These bonus stats are put into "pending" status and accumulated throughout battle until the robot levels up - at that point any stats that were currently in pending status are rounded and applied to the robot's overall stat amount. Knockout bonuses appear underlined in green in the screenshot below:

Robot Editor : Mega Man Stats

The exact amount of bonus stats a robot earns in battle depends entirely on the target. When defeated, a target will relent 10% of current attack, defense, and speed and add it to your pending total for that stat. That means a Level 100 Mega Man would yield a whopping 5.95 attack points just for landing the finishing blow (595 Attack * 0.10)!

Knockout bonuses are what separate the robots who take initiative in battle and those who simply idle on the sidelines. If that level 100 Mega Man from above had been used more effectively in battle, it's attack stat could theoretically be as high as 9999! Looking over the leaderboards, it's easy to see which robots a player has focused their efforts on versus those who have been neglected.

An important thing to note is that robots are unable to earn any more experience points once they reach level 100, meaning they cannot benefit from knockout bonuses regardless of whether they land the finishing blow. When this happens, either switch out your level 100 for someone who can take advantage of the experience or consider resetting your level 100 robot to level 1 in the Robot Editor. Robots that are reset from level 100 to level 1 loose all level up bonuses, but any knockout bonuses will remain with them forever. Level 100 robots now gain stat bonuses immediately upon disabling an opponent rather than on level-up. Level 100 robots should be rewarded, not punished, so hopefully this makes the game a bit more fun. ^_^

Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help. :)

Please be aware that some of this information could be outdated. See the Official Question and Answer thread or post below if you have any questions.-MBM
Robot Stats
Posted by Adrian Marceau on November 17th, 2013 at 4:13pm
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Posted on March 20th, 2014 at 4:43pm
Posted 2014/03/20 at 4:43pm
well some attack combos + stats = opponents in shambles sometimes- *COUGH COUGH* bass crush/bass buster combo *COUGH*
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Posted on July 16th, 2014 at 4:31pm
Posted 2014/07/16 at 4:31pm
I'm here again to talk about stats! This time, it's for our three main characters.

Mega Man's the standard 100 everything. I would say subtract a few points from attack, and put it on defense. Or don't because he's supposed to be the blank slate bot.

Bass, hilariously, specializes in defense instead of attack, that being his weakest part. I know being with Wily and his attack bonus evens it out, but meh.

Proto fine. I would say weaken his defense even further cause he does take double damage from every attack. Probably 90, so 5 points to either Attack or speed.
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Posted on September 27th, 2014 at 6:03pm
Posted 2014/09/27 at 6:03pm
@Icy Rshek : Maybe "shrek man" would be hard to make. I dont know and i dont think a shrek like character would join. Sorry if i sound like a mean person here.
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Posted on June 4th, 2015 at 9:26pm
Posted 2015/06/04 at 9:26pm
I have a question about the speed stat, is it really just for deciding who attacks first? It doesn't seem like there's any attacks involving speed affecting attack power, so a Robot with a high speed but low stats is basically outranked by every other Robot as long as it has good Defense/Attack
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Posted on June 4th, 2015 at 9:47pm
Posted 2015/06/04 at 9:47pm
It does decide who goes first, but that's a more decisive trait than you're giving it credit for. The Speed stat can sometimes dictate whether or not your robot lives the next exchange of attacks or not. That said, speed alone can't win a battle, your robot should have good defense and/or attack to match, but then again that goes for all stats. A robot with high attack but low defense and speed may not get the chance to attack much in the first place.
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Posted on June 4th, 2015 at 10:05pm
Posted 2015/06/04 at 10:05pm
Ah, I see, I usually thought that the speed stat was near useless.
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Posted on June 5th, 2015 at 10:02am
Posted 2015/06/05 at 10:02am
@TheDoc : You can't mention the attack stat without bringing up Star Force, my friend. Defense currently means diddly in the face of 1,024 Star Force, and it'll only mean too MUCH later on, if the new system applies when 576 additional MM5 Star Force are thrown into the mix.

@MusicalKitty : Speed IS nearly useless. When a robot from my army--where there's not a single stat that breaks 4,000--can beat 9,999'ed out bots with ease in the current Prototype, Speed doesn't matter in the slightest. Speed only matters in VERY special situations, and even then, said situations only really impact the above-average player in Player Battles.
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Posted on June 5th, 2015 at 3:02pm Edited on 2015/06/05 at 3:09pm
Posted 2015/06/05 at 3:02pm Edited 2015/06/05 at 3:09pm
@ThatGuyNamedMikey : Star Force does require fixing, but that doesn't automatically make my point moot. You're basically saying because Star Force is broken currently, speed is a useless stat overall. I'm talking about the fundamental concept of attack, defense, and speed together as a whole, regardless of Star Force. Speed doesn't need to be changed just because Star Force does.
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Posted on June 5th, 2015 at 4:14pm
Posted 2015/06/05 at 4:14pm
@TheDoc : No, what I mean to say is that Speed is useless because of Ability Speeds, and that Defense is ALMOST made moot by Star Force. :P

You have them all, like I do, so, you already know this. :P
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