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Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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I'm excited to announce that all eight special weapons for Mega Man 3 have been completed and added to the database! While the robot masters who learn these abilities cannot be unlocked in the main game yet as playable characters, they can be encountered in battle once you unlock the Prototype Complete bonus field. As mentioned in the previous update, the Copy Shot ability can be used to copy these abilities and add them to your own weapon selection - and all of them are totally worth it! These abilities can also be seen (but not copied) in the Demo Mode by entering the phrase Mega Man 3 Debug into the password prompt and selecting the new battle it unlocks.

I would like to note that the weakness cycle from Mega Man 3 even more confusing than the one found in Mega Man 2. There is not a clear-cut path through the eight robot masters like there was in the first game, and (unfortunately) the robots in this game have several of their own little triangles that make the path a little less obvious. All weaknesses were found and adapted from the appropriate pages on the Mega Man Knowledge Base. Please see below for a breakdown of the first four new weapons and how they work in-game:

The first ability added to the game is the Needle Cannon, the Cutter type special weapon owned by Needle Man. The Needle Cannon fires a volley of three needle-shaped projectiles at the target, piercing defenses and dealing damage. Unlike other multi-hit abilities, the Needle Cannon will continue even if it misses the first or second shot - making it slightly more dependable than some of the others. The Needle Cannon is super effective against Bomb Man, Elec Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man, Gemini Man, Snake Man, and Dust Man (wow).

The next ability is the Magnet Missile, the Homing type special weapon owned by Magnet Man. The Magnet Missile fires a large magnet-shaped missile at any target robot for massive damage. This ability has 100% accuracy and is great for finishing off robots who have retreated to the bench. The Magnet Missile is super effective against Hard Man and Drill Man.

The Gemini Laser is the Laser type special weapon owned by Gemini Man. The Gemini Laser fires a powerful laser that bounces back and forth across the battle field and damages all target robots! This ability has 100% accuracy and hits every robot on the field, but power deceases with each pass of an enemy making this ability more effective on robots closer to front of the line. The Gemini Laser is super effective against Needle Man and Pharaoh Man.

Next up is the Hard Knuckle, the Impact type special weapon owned by Hard Man. The Hard Knuckle fires a slow but powerful fist at the target that deals massive damage when it connects and lowers defense by 10%! This user of this ability will always attack last, but with its great accuracy and high power its definitely worth it. The Hard Knuckle is super effective against Cut Man, Air Man, Hard Man(!), Top Man, and Skull Man.

Thank you so much for playing, and I hope you guys like all these new abilities! :P
New Abilities Part 1 : Needle Cannon, Magnet Missile, Gemini Laser, Hard Knuckle
Posted by Adrian Marceau on April 14th, 2013 at 12:21pm
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