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Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Balancing is tricky, I guess? I fixed a bunch of switching bugs today, and I might have fixed THE switching bug that's been plaguing the game for months. I haven't experienced it since I implemented the few codeix, so either it actually is fixed OR I'm just been very (un)lucky with the randomizer/chance calculations. We'll have to wait and see if it worked or not... I've also tweaked the experience system one more time (for now) increasing the bonus you get from weakness/critical (again) but dividing the experience receieved among the entire team to even it out. Therefore bringing fewer robots in battle will make you more vulnerable, but will grant more experience per robot. Lastly, I've updated the mechanics of Super Throw a bit so that it actually does damage to the target rather than just forcing them to switch. I've done this on purpose to allow for a wind-type counterpart move for Air Man, except instead of causing damage it will pull out the "weakest" target on your opponent's side (or at least that's the plan!). I've also implemented a few other minor bug fixes - hopefully they don't cause more problems. >_>
Switching Bugs, Super Throw Mechanics, Experience Tweak
Posted by Adrian Marceau on January 20th, 2013 at 6:48pm
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