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Mega Man 4 : The Meganificent Update

October 11th, 2013 at 11:23pm
Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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The update should be ready within the next few hours, and when I'm uploading the changes to the website (you'll know it from the maintenance message) nobody will be able to access their game or log in for a few hours. Because of this I ask that nobody access their accounts again until I say they word else you might lose progress in your game file. I will update this post once the update is actually live and everyone can use it to comment, but until then please be patient. So excited and thank you all for waiting! :D
The update is now live and appears to be working without too many bugs or issues. There were a few abilities that didn't make it in time and there are many robot quotes/classes that I've yet to copy over, but for all intents and purposes the Meganificent Update is finally complete and ready for everyone to enjoy. I will write up a lengthy post of all the new features at a later date, but right now I just need some sleep. >_>

Please play around with the new features, missions, and characters and let me/us know in the comments about all the stuff you find like/dislike/etc. I want to see how much you guys can figure out on your own - changes and/or new features - before I give you the answers and tell you how to unlock everyone. :P I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think!
Now that I've had a week to recover from the long, grueling process that was this update I can finally post about all the new features and fix any bugs reported over the week. I'm pretty sure I've fixed all the ones reported so far (and I'll respond to the appropriate threads later) but if you notice anymore please post here or in the Bugs forum. :) Other than that, please let me give you a list of the new additions and feature to keep you eye out for in this update:

Mega Man 4 Update : Key Features & Additions

1. Bass has been completed and added to the main game under Dr. Wily's control
2. Dr. Cossack is now unlockable and Proto Man has been transferred to him from Dr. Wily
3. Rhythm, a new support robot, has been completed an added to the game under Dr. Cossack's control
4. Roll is now unlockable in Dr. Light's game after experiencing 1 failure
5. Disco is now unlockable in Dr. Wily's game after experiencing 2 failures
6. Rhythm is now unlockable in Dr. Cossack's game after experiencing 3 failures
7. All Mega Man 4 robot masters have been completed and make up Dr. Cossack's campaign, thanks to Sean Adamson
8. The structure of campaigns for all three doctors has been changed and all mission progress had to be reset
9. The main campaigns of each player have been shorted, and all story-related dialogue has been removed for the sake of brevity
10. Players and their missions are now unlocked in rotating order to make progression more interesting
11. Each player's mission start off at different levels, meaning Dr. Light's game is easiest and Cossack's hardest
12. The Bonus Field mission is now dynamic and the level of appearing robots is based on your current lineup's
13. All three hero robots have been given two more level-up abilities with varying usefulness and power levels
14. Robot masters can now only be unlocked by defeating them on their home field with only neutral abilities
15. Item drops now occur immediately after disabling a target and not just at the end of battle
16. The items a target may drop is dependant on the stage it is fought on with tougher stages yielding better items
17. Defeating a target in one hit will double the chance of that target dropping an item
18. Items can be used immediately after they are collected in battle allowing for more strategy
19. If a target is defeated with more power than required, you will earn overkill which increases experience points
20. Each of the three support robots now specialize in a different ability type, and the field boosters have been given to the doctors instead
21. Roll now specializes in Boost and Support abilities, and when she uses them she can aim them at any of her teammates
22. Disco now specializes in Break and Assault abilities, and when she uses them she can aim them at any of her opponents
23. Rhythm now specializes in Swap and Shuffle abilities, and when she uses them she can aim them at any of her opponents
24. All robot master fields now have their own unique type of mecha that appears in the background - no more Mets!
25. Mechas from the background can now appear in battle and each have exactly one ability they'll use against their target
26. The mechas that will appear in a stage are not shown on the main menu anymore and are more like "random encounters"
27. Mecha abilities cannot be copied using the Copy Shot, but a special ability called "Mecha Support" allows you to summon your own
28. All robot master field mechas come in three varieties called "generations" which appear in different colours with different power levels
29. The generation of mechas that appear in battle are randomized based on how many times the mission has been completed, getting more powerful
30. Fusion fields, naturally, will have mechas from both base fields appearing in battle, allowing them to appear together randomly
31. When using Mecha Support, the type, generation, and level of the summoned mecha are randomized and based on the current field conditions
32. The three Mega Man Killers have been added to the final stages of the game, one for each doctor, but do not have unique abilities yet (sorry)
33. The final battle that contains an 8vs8 now has the robot master order shuffled to keep it interesting
34. Mission victory and failure results are now tracked in detail and records can be seen by hoving over the mission in the main menu
35. Robots in Attack/Defense/Speed break will now recover at 1 unit per turn when on the bench
36. Robots in the active position automatically recover 1 unit of weapon energy per turn, but robots on the bench recover 2 units
37. Robot mugshots have been removed from the leaderboard and pages have been separated for website loading speed :|
38. All field multipliers have been revised to be more interesting, thanks to Brorman
39. Completing the intro field more than 8 times in any campaign will no longer unlock Met, but something else...
40. Robots and players that appear on the field not have shadows! Hopefully this isn't too resource intensive...
41. Robots now "rotate" backwards when hit by an attack based on kickback values for more (cartoon) realism
42. Benched robots now take reduced damage when by hit an attack based on their distance from the attacker - the farther away the target is the less damage the attack will do

Aaaaaand that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll update this post if I can think of anymore changes, and thank you all for playing!
Mega Man 4 : The Meganificent Update
Posted by Adrian Marceau on October 11th, 2013 at 11:23pm
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Posted on November 4th, 2013 at 9:40pm
Posted 2013/11/04 at 9:40pm
I call Dibs on Devil if Keeps is ok with it. He can have the Mega Man 2 Dragon. Hmmm, wait.............
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Posted on December 8th, 2013 at 4:57pm Edited on 2013/12/08 at 6:12pm
Posted 2013/12/08 at 4:57pm Edited 2013/12/08 at 6:12pm
I'd suggest unlocking fortress bosses after defeating them with neutral abilities and replacing the powered-up robot fight (with Mega Man/Proto Man/Bass S) with a battle against 4 of the fortress bosses: so I think Dr. Wily's campaign should get the Mecha Dragon, Gutsdozer, Alien, and Yellow Devil/Yellow Devil MKII. Dr. Cossack would get Mothraya and the Cockroach Twins (you'd only unlock one by defeating both), and I'd suggest giving him Dark Man 4 and Big Pets from Mega Man 5 since the Square Machine is basically a room that moves and the Cossack Catcher sucks.
Now Dr. Light...there's one problem. He doesn't have a fortress. I'd say he gets Mr. X's bosses from Mega Man 6: the Rounder II (again, two of them, defeat both to unlock it), the Power Piston, Metonger Z, and X Crusher (yeah I know it's piloted by Mr. X, but it has its own eyes and as such it could be retconned in this game as having its own AI). That is, unless you planned on introducing Dr. Wily with sunglasses and a cape as a fourth character.
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Adrian Marceau
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Posted on December 30th, 2013 at 3:49pm
Posted 2013/12/30 at 3:49pm
Trust me, I very, VERY much want to add the fortress bosses to the game, it's just not ready for it yet.

The first obstacle is their physical size. The game was programmed from the start to function with 40x40 pixel character sprites and anything bigger would not work. I was forced to add code for 80x80 pixel sprites after the MM3 robots were added, which was incredibly difficult, but even that isn't enough for most of the fortress bosses so I have to find a way to increase the size even further. :|

The second obstacle, of course, is animation. Most of these old NES bosses were pretty static but those that did move did so in a very... specific way. Not only will I (or someone) have to animate them but I have to make sure they actually fit on the existing stages or create new stages they will fit on. Overall a lot of work. >_>

And finally, I have to think of abilities! It may seem straight forward, but 99% of the fortress bosses had a very, very simply bullet/projectile attack and maybe collision damage. Neither of those would be very interesting and the latter doesn't really fit into an RPG setting (at least not this one).

So yeah, lots of stuff to figure out but I'm definitely considering it. It would obviously make battles and the end-game much more exciting. :P
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Posted on July 24th, 2015 at 6:20pm
Posted 2015/07/24 at 6:20pm
Maybe for brainstorming, you can make the Yellow Devil Fortress Boss be like the Shadow Devil from Mega Man X5?
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Posted on July 24th, 2015 at 6:32pm
Posted 2015/07/24 at 6:32pm
@T-RexNaffects : While we certainly enjoy the suggestion, dated news threads like this aren't the place where you put suggestions, you'd have more luck in the suggestions thread. Threads like this are dated and shouldn't be posted on without reason.

As for the Shadow Devil, we'd love to include the Devil bots, but they're much too big to be realistically included in Prototype. Thank you for the suggestion, though ^_^
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