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Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Hello again after a week of silence! This week I bring many updates to community forums, including several features requested by players as well as a bunch of other new tweaks and options that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The first thing I'd like to point out is that you can now use line-breaks in posts! The only reason I disabled it in the first place was because I needed more time to properly code things, but now that I've had an extra week to fix bugs you can use them freely in your comments and discussion threads.

The next notable change is the character limit for posts. Previously, comments could only be 500 characters and threads had no limit (because they were manually entered into the database by me). The 500 limit ended up being pretty restrictive so I've increased it to 2000 for comments and imposed a 5000 character limit on new threads. Also related to the character counter, it will no longer prevent you from typing once you've reached the max length - the counter will simply turn red and disable the submit button until you've refactored.

The last feature change I'd like to outline is that registered players can now create their own discussion threads! Only Developers can post in the News & Updates category and only Contributors can post to the Game Development category, but all users can create topics in both the General Discussions and Bug Reports categories with the same options previously only available to admins. This should open up the community a lot more and make things more fun for everyone involved.

The last change is purely aesthetic, but I've tweaked the styling of comments and posts and have them all show the current banner's field background as their background image. It's subtle, but I think it makes the threads look a lot more colourful and lively. Maybe one day in the future I've have specific fields for specific categories, or maybe per thread or per user, but that is something I'll have to think about for a while. Also of note, I added thread and post counters under user's avatars which I think is a nice little touch.

If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback about these new features, just let me know in the comments or shoot me an email through the Contact page. Thank you all for playing and I'll try to do more game updates in the future rather than just website ones. :P
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Posted by Adrian Marceau on March 24th, 2013 at 12:11am
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Posted on March 24th, 2013 at 1:08am
Posted 2013/03/24 at 1:08am
I'm loving these new backgrounds. :)
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