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Mega Man RPG Prototype Field Database

Submerged Armory's Avatar

Submerged Armory Missile Type

Submerged Armory
Missile Type
Mega Man 4
MM4 Dive Man (Sega Genesis)
Dive Man
Manta Missile
Missile x 1.5 Water x 1.4 Earth x 0.7

Sprite Sheets


Sprite Editing by Adrian Marceau / Ageman20XX | Original Artwork by Capcom

Description Text

The Submerged Armory was originally an Armory that was above-ground, until Wily’s first attempt at conquest submerged the large station. Dive Man was working on getting it out, until Cossack’s order to destroy Mega Man was given to him, so he used the Armory as a base. Due to all the weapons here underwater, Missile and Water-Cores will always be able to refill their ammo, but being so far from land on the ocean weakens Earth and Flame-Cores. Manta Missiles flow through the water, acting as aquatic attackers. Magnet Man has been seen practicing his Magnetism powers here, attempting to lift an entire boat.
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