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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

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Tengu Man
Wind Core

Tengu Man
Wind Core
Mega Man 8
Jet-Powered Flight Robot
Freeze Missile

Battle Quotes

"You think you're worthy of my challenge? Don't make me laugh!"
"C'mon, someone like you isn't even worth the effort!"
"That was weak. Next time, provide a better fight..."
"Impossible! Being defeated by you is simply regretful...."

Description Text

When the Evil Energy crashed on Earth, Tengu Man was the first robot it was implemented to. Dr. Wily originally designed Tengu Man to be a mere obstacle for Mega Man, but after receiving the Evil Energy, Tengu Man became much more powerful, becoming a true combat robot. He's incredibly fast due to the jet-engine on his back, and with the Tornado Hold, his signature weapon, he can trap and defeat the opponent. After the Evil Energy event, Tengu Man trained, utilizing his new move, Tengu Blade, a weapon that slashes the opponent with the help of his triple-bladed weapon, in King's militia, hoping to gain a chance to face Mega Man once again. Tengu Man is proud of his long nose, is good at reading the atmosphere, and his main hobby is fly-fishing. However, due to all the praise he received from Dr. Wily due to being the first robot capable of containing Evil Energy, he became extremely arrogant and overconfident, looking down on his enemies and teammates alike. Tengu Man also has a bit of a rivalry with Yamato Man, and the fights they have are said to be intense. Tengu Man, albeit confident, is no mere fighter, so don't hold back and show him you're worthy of his challenge!

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