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Copyie is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 463,148,659 and a zenny total of 80,296. Copyie created his account on April 9th, 2016 and has since completed 561 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 78 special abilities, and 516 field stars. Copyie's most-used playable character is Dr. Light, and his top 5 most-used robots appear to be Elec Man, Fire Man, Toad Man, Crash Man and Bass.

Copyie's Leaderboard

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Beat all three campaigns dr-light dr-wily dr-cossack
Got all robots by nowquick-man fire-man elec-man
I am on number 1 page of the leaderboard bass
Got all robots to level 100 bass fire-man elec-man time-man quick-man drill-man shadow-man toad-man
Beat the stardroids and sunstar when they come out bass

Go to 1024 club bass star-man

And the hardest of all be number 1 bass

bass :CWN-001 Copyie Weakness:None Resistance:None The first and last Copy Willy Number.Willy created him to destroy megaman but now Copyie fights for justice with alongside Megaman his ultimate attack is the chaos blaster an attack that use all his weapons
My character(Copyie see his story in the forums)in powered up(why my ideas are unoriginal i don`t know)

bass : Megaman now it`s time to discover who of us is the strongest of all robots
mega-man : Copyie so Willy finaly saw your potential
bass : Lets go Megaman lets see if you can dodge all my weapons

In the year 20XX, with the advancement of science, humans were able to create industrial humanoid robots. Invented by the foremost authority on robotics, Dr. Light, Copyie is a renegaded robot created by Dr Willy
roll : We have a problem!

dr-wily : Wahahahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. The name's Wily! The one and only - the brilliant scientist, Dr. Wily! It may seem rather sudden to you, but I've decided I'd like to take over the world! *Evil laugh* Ahem! Anyway, to begin... Dr. Light! I'll be taking your precious robots! (bursts in) Nuhahahaha!! That is to say... Hmm?... What's this? Oh, Copyie... I dont have use for a non perfect robot Nuhahahahah!]{dr.-wily}

roll : Our friends are in trouble, Copyie! Lets hurry to the lab!

Dr. Light's Lab
dr-light : ...What insanity! Using my robots to conquer the world...
bass : Dont worry doc i have fighted him many , many times
dr-light : Copyie?! (starts thinking) Hmmm... Alright... I understand. I don't like it, but sometimes, such things must be done... I must make the necessary preparations.

dr-light : You will normaly receive your powers but the more you see and use they will get stronger
bass : Ready for round 2 Willy

Vs. Cut Man
cut-man : Copyie?! Dr Willy was right you realy want to destroy everthing but why?
bass : Cutman wake up you dont want me rock-paper-scisor you right
cut-man : It may cut me in half, but I will make you good!

Vs. Bomb Man
bomb-man : Hey those bombs that you have do they explode like mine
bass : Well not now but give me some time and they will be beter then yours
bomb-man :You shoulda come the day before yesterday! I had some big boom-booms then!

Vs. Ice Man
ice-man : There's something dangerous up ahead, sir! Oh? Freeze it at all costs, soldier!
bass : Okay i dont remember you beeing a soldier or having an alternate personality and stuff , but okay
ice-man : Well sir , I ... Soldier finish your mission!

Vs. Fire Man
fire-man : Copyie huh , well with all that lava your fire powers will burn just like mine but my fire is still the flames of justice
bass : Fireman sorry if i am right you are the only one that your weakness is the classic one
fire-man : Fiiiiire!

Vs. Oil Man
oil-man : Hey, whadja come out here for? Don'tcha have a place near your house for fill-ups?
bass : I dont get it what do you think your oil will touch me dude i am faster then ya
oil-man : Too bad it's gonna get all over you once I'm done!

Vs. Elec Man
elec-man : Oh Copyie now that is gonna be a battle that i will be able to show all the power of my beatyfull thunder beam
bass :Okay why do you sound gay or something seriously well ima gonna finish you at ligthing speed dangit thats a cool phrase why i dont get thoes
elec-man : Mmm... to watch my beautiful bolts fly to the top of your head... To hear your delightful shrieks...

Vs. Time Man
time-man : Hmm interesting how do you get here so quick
bass :Well there is that story that i already know you and that i have your and Flashman weapons but well whatever lets go clock boy
time-man : I don't have time to play your games.

Vs. Guts Man
guts-man : Copyie i am gonna crush like a tin can
bass :Yeah like that will ever happen ya big pile of muscles
guts-man : You big idiot! What'll happen to me if I get fired?! I'm gonna take you down with me!

Vs. Mega Man?
mega-man-ds : Hey, Copyie . I just joined Dr. Wily. Want to join your old man
bass :Argh realy dude you cant make me think you are rock realy for example that color , that scarf and stuff
mega-man-ds : Thought for sure that I could... Guess I'll have to take you down.

Vs. Copy Robot
bass-ds :Hey there unperfect me
bass :Pft hey Willy are you listening cause realy that idiot and you scraped me
bass-ds :Idiot! you are the idiot here thinking you can beat me

Vs. Dr. Wily
dr-wily : If only I had programmed you differently back then! ...It would have been genius! It's the only mistake I've made in my life!
bass : Yeah you are right i rock well ready to get kicked Wahwee
dr-wily : Wha... Why you insolent fool! I will crush you with a loud, loud crunch! Behold, my latest creation, the ultimate combat robot, Wily Machine Number 1! Nuhahahahaha!

And so, thanks to the heroic actions of Copyie, Dr. Wily's evil plan has failed, and peace has been brought upon the world... For now, that is...

Dream team

bass fire-man quick-man shadow-man slash-man enker tornado-man[ terra terra.exe inst working        dr-light

dr-light : He still inst in the game Copyie
bass : I dont care he still on the dream team

The team in these days

bass fire-man elec-man time-man quick-man drill-man shadow-man toad-man

time-man : So who is this girl Alicia
bass : Just some random kid , don`t mind
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