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QuickLikeQuickman is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 8,576,636 and a zenny total of 12,934. QuickLikeQuickman created his account on January 11th, 2014 and has since completed 72 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 30 robot fighters, 77 special abilities, and 40 field stars. QuickLikeQuickman's most-used playable character is Dr. Wily, and his top 5 most-used robots appear to be Heat Man, Quick Man, Bass, Crash Man and Flash Man. Prior to the game-changing battle point reboot of 2016, QuickLikeQuickman had amassed a grand total of 21,508,751 battle points and reached 146th place.

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Hello! My (screen)name is QuickLikeQuickman, and I really like the Mega Man series. I'm a total video game nerd, as you might say, but I like older games better. I loooove RPG games a ton and this game combines two of my most favorite gaming aspects. I started playing Mega Man 1 when I was 11 on an NES emulator (I didn't know ROMs were illegal in most cases then). Soon after, I bought a real NES and Mega Man 3. Then, I bought Anniversary Collection for the Gamecube, became obsessed with Mega Man, started playing fan games (mainly MM8BDM) and now here I am! I also joined when the server was down, but now it's back up so yay. I'm trying to learn JavaScript so that I can make games; it's been my goal since I can remember (I can't really do anything with Java yet though). I'm still in school, so I don't have a job, but I really don't care (yet). My favorite Mega Man game would be 3; it's still challenging without being too hard, you can slide, I have it on the NES, it's got some great Robot Masters, and it wasn't "beat 8 robots beat wily stages beat wily you win", it mixed up the formula (gotta love those doc robots). So, yeah...
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