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Posting this here not only because I want to endlessly ramble on about Megabound or other shit that I happen to be writing but like, I also have a morbid curiosity of exactly who is still lurking around the forums, and if any of my friends happen to still be checking this site too, i guess? I don't know.
Ah, anyway, before I find myself drifting off, I'm kind of maybe, sort of I guess writing a Megabound Two if you will. If you don't know what Megabound is, just read it in the Projects Thread pinned here, I guess. It's some really bad, very very horrible writing. I wrote it when I was twelve I think, now I'm not so sure, but anyway it featured users here of all places, participating in the story as characters. I guess I might as well link both the first Megabound, and what I have of Megabound Two, I guess. Megabound was about the main characters, all users here, stopping a powerful force that was prophesized to destroy the planet. It's not good. It was absolutely out of place and tried to be unique too much while being too contrived at the same time. I should still recognize that Megabound helped me grow though. It was the longest work of fiction of mine until just recently, being about 49.2k words long. I ended up breaking that participating in NaNoWriMo.

Megabound 2014
Megabound 2019

Not only do I have the desire to get feedback on Megabound (mostly Megabound 2019) but ig I just want to see if this community, more specifically the one I remember, is still vibing out there.
What If I Made A Megabound 2? Haha, Just Kidding... Unless?
Posted by Musical on December 4th, 2019 at 2:14am
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Posted on December 4th, 2019 at 2:38pm Edited on 2019/12/04 at 3:23pm
Posted 2019/12/04 at 2:38pm Edited 2019/12/04 at 3:23pm
So to be honest I've read only like the first couple of chapters, but you can right-away tell the difference between five years. The first one you linked seems to have really short chapters and rife with some mistakes and is all clumped together so it's hard to read, but the second one doesn't have that. This is a self-insert story, right? There's a lot of inside jokes I don't really get, but a lot of it's still funny. It's interesting the first focuses on a forum and the second one is based in the Mega Man Battle Network world; it's basically like you made your own BN version of your work like Capcom did.

Also I don't know if this is another inside joke or not but... what's NaNoWriMo? :
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Posted on December 7th, 2019 at 2:31pm Edited on 2019/12/07 at 2:32pm
Posted 2019/12/07 at 2:31pm Edited 2019/12/07 at 2:32pm
@ElecSpark : Anyway yeah, Megabound is basically just a big self insert story, but in Megabound 2019 the characters actually more closely resemble the people they're based on. I know that, as far as I remember, there's only one chapter of Megabound 2019 on right now.
And uh NaNoWriMo is a sort of internet challenge, I guess? It's a challenge for authors to write 50 thousand words of original fiction during the month of November, and I was working on a different project during that month (I ended up getting 52k words in November, so I technically "won"). I'm not here to plug that project, but if you were to really want to read it, you could find the draft in the Carrd that I have in my profile here lmao
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