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Hello there, it’s me again. Last Year RDash75 made a Thread for the Mega Man DOS Robots. He made a lot of Threads but then has dissapeared from the Community... So why don’t we try to do the same and Continue it? This is Mega Man and Bass 2 Robot Masters, in MMRPG Prototype

Dangan Man/Bullet Man
I would say he would be a Missile Type since shooting a Bullet from a Gun is like a Missile

Konro Man/Stove Man
Well of course. He is a Stove so he gets Flame and he is Burning

Aircon Man
Another one that says it all. Aircon Man is just Wind Man but with more Fans. So Wind

Komuso Man
I gave him Shadow Because he is like a Ninja like Shadow Man but more Advanced. He also can Copy more than anyone else up to 3. Astro Man can only make 2 and Gemini Man can only make 1

Clock Men
Another one you can tell. It’s Time because they are Clocks

Compass Man
Since he is not really made for Traveling and his Points are Sharp on his Body. You know where I am getting to. Cutter

Next is a Boss!

Mega/Rockman Shadow
The Last one that tells you what it is. Shadow Core

Now on to the Weapons! (All Weapons here are Renamed) Though all Robots give a Different Weapon depending on who you play as

Mega Bullet
Since both Weapons are named after Mega Man and Bass. I changed Vulcan to Bullet
Bass Bullet
Eh. Gave it Shadow since Bass is the Dark Version of Mega Man

Stove Shower
Stop shooting Coal at me it Burns! Well I would give it Water... But no even though it’s a Shower
Stove Mixer
Just looking at Mixer makes me think Swift

Aircon Wind
What else do you need?
Aircon Cyclone
I was going to give it Nature but no even though you can see it in Space

Komuso Crash
I haven’t played this game. I’m just gonna say Flame because of the Attack where he uses 3 Fire Pillars
Komuso Attack
I don’t know

Clock Switch
First it’s Time
Clock Bomb
Then it Explodes now

Now interestingly, Compass Man does not have any weapons. I’m not Joking he doesn’t give you $#*# at all. So let’s be Creative!

Compass Blade
Basically using his Sharp Compass Body to Attack
Compass Impact
Thrusting Forward with A Direction

And That’s it. If you would like me to fix anything then Please tell me because I am Confused a bit. See you somewhere else...
MM&B2: Challenger from the Future Robot Masters
Posted by Soren on April 15th, 2020 at 2:41pm
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