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MMRPG Creation Convention

July 5th, 2020 at 10:49pm
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Welcome to the MMRPG Creation Con.! This is where you will create your own ideas for any database!

These creations must follow the rules of how everything is done in the game.

Please read below before starting or you might go insane... (as in spamming numbers, please say you are doing it for fun)

UPDATE 1: Extras Added with Sprites, Quotes, and Alts
When Creating Players
-Players are the leaders of every robot in the game and give a certain stat boost
-They have less animations than Robots, Mechas, and Bosses
-Players are very easy to make with only 1 thing to do

-Bonus (No more than +100% and No lower than -50%, You can also have up to 3 Stat boosts (Multi is Legal) )
Stat Boost Example:
Name: Dr. Tom
Bonus: Robot Defense +30%, Robot Speed -10%
When Creating Robots
-Robots are your main line of defense and are the only obtainable characters you can use (unless you include Mecha Support but that doesn’t count)
-Robots have many details needed which also go for the Mechas and Bosses
-Robots can be reconsidered

-Model (No more than 4 Characters and No lower than 3 Characters, number can only have 3 Digits, can be represented as - or .)
-Type (Only 1 or 2, can use your own type (see When Creating Types) )
-Weaknesses (1-4 can be made, applies to Resistances also and can have 0)
-Affinities (0-2 can be made, applies to Immunities also)
-Source (Can be your own)
-Class (2 Words Max + Robot (4 Words but put the words together [One-Two], can also be something other than robot)
-Field (Optional, as many as you want)
-Stats (Max 400 Points, Energy, Attack, Defense, Speed)
Robot Example:
Name: Mega Boy
Model: DTN.001
Type: Copy
Weaknesses: Flame, Freeze
Resistances: Electric
Affinities: None
Immunities: None
Source: Examples
Class: Child Hero Robot
Field: Tom Laboratory
Energy: 120
Attack: 70
Defense: 65
Speed: 145
When Creating Mechas
-Mechas protect your robots when added into the battle
-Mechas can also be reconsidered

-Everything from When Creating Robots except stats
-Stats (Max 200 Points, Energy, Attack, Defense, Speed)
Mecha Example:
Name: Super Met
Model: SMET.001
Type: Neutral
Weaknesses: Impact, Earth
Resistances: Water, Flame, Nature, Electric
Affinities: None
Immunities: Missile
Source: Examples
Class: Strongest Metall Mecha
Field: Intro Field
Energy: 120
Attack: 30
Defense: 40
Speed: 10
When Creating Bosses
-Bosses are unobtainable meaning you can only fight them
-Bosses also can be reconsidered
-Bosses can have different stats

-Same thing except Stats
-Stats (Must have 400-900 Points (ONLY HUNDREDS!), Energy, Attack, Defense, Speed)
Boss Example:
Name: Shadow King
Model: KSN.XXX
Type: Shadow/Shield
Weaknesses: Explode, Missile, Impact, Earth
Resistances: Laser, Shield
Affinities: Shadow
Immunities: None
Source: Examples
Class: Corrupted King Robot
Field: Shadow Castle
Energy: 110
Attack: 140
Defense: 200
Speed: 50
When Creating Abilities
-Abilities are used to defeat your opponents and make progression
-Abilities can be offensive, defensive, or supportive
-Abilities have stats to show when it can be executed and it’s damage it deals and more

-Name (2-3 Words Only)
-Type (Only 1 or 2, can use your own type)
-Cost (20 WE Max)
-Power (60 Damage Max, 100% Damage Max)
-Speed (No more than +5 and No lower than -5)
-Accuracy (100% Max)
-Range (Front, Select, Random, Double, Screen)
-Time (None, Charge, Wait)
-Description (Optional)
Ability Example:
Name: Mega Arm
Type: Neutral
Cost: 9 WE
Power: 52 Damage
Speed: Slow (-1)
Accuracy: 93%
Range: Front
Time: Charge
Description: The user charges power within their fist and gain a lot of defense. After charging, the user launches a devastating arm missile at the target to deal massive damage!
When Creating Items
-Items can be used to help you in the game or can be sold to gain Zenny
-Some Items take more of the same item to gain an Item that is useful
-Items do have actual types

-Type (Treasure, Collectible, Holdable, Consumable, Event)
-Power (Normal Stats: 15 Max, Main Stats: 100% Max)
-Value (None or # Zenny and/or # Battle Points)
-Description (Optional)
Item Example:
Name: Giant Bolt
Type: Treasure
Power: None
Value: 15,000 Zenny
Description: A Giant Bolt that gives an outstanding amount of Zenny! A Shopkeeper favours this item and can be used to gain the Zenny.
When Creating Fields
-Fields are where battles are done from
-Fields provide boosts to certain core types and can be upgraded or downgraded
-Fields also play music so you can have more fun

-Name (2-3 Words Only)
-Type (Only 1 or 2, can use your own type)
-Source (Can be your own)
-Multipliers (6 Max, No more than x2.0 and No lower than x0.1)
-Music (Optional)
-Master (Can use your own robots, Optional 8 Max)
-Mecha (Can use your own mechas, Optional, 8 Max)
-Boss (Can use your own bosses, Optional, 6 Max)
Field Example:
Name: Tom Laboratory
Type: Neutral
Source: Examples
Multipliers: Experience x2.0, Recovery x2.5
Music: Custom
Master: Mega Boy
Mecha: None
Boss: None
When Creating Types
-Types are very simple to create, but I added something so this has more purpose

-Name (Only 1 Word)
-Usage (Showing what it represents and how it can be used)
Type Example:
Name: Star
Usage: Represents Fire and Space, can be used on Space types that involve Fire
When Creating Sprites
-Sprites are used to show the animation of something (except for fields and types)
-Sprites can have 11 Frames if it's a Robot/Mecha/Boss, 7 Frames if it's a Player, or 10 Frames if it's a Ability/Item
-Sprites also have Mugshot's when it's a Player/Robot/Mecha/Boss or an Icon if it's an Ability/Item

-Mugshot (Face)
-Base (Stand)
-Taunt (Question)
-Victory (Win)
-Defeat (Lose)
-Command (Attack)
-Damage (Hit)
-Base2 (Optional, can be stupid)
-Shoot (Attack by Cannon)
-Throw (Attack by Toss)
-Summon (Attack by Creation)
-Slide (Attack by Self)
-Defend (Guard)
-Icon (Ability Art)
-1-10 Frames (Frames also can be different than the actual animation)
-Can be shown straight or grouped, ETC.
(Sorry no Example :C)
When Creating Quotes
-Quotes are what characters can say to show their feelings against the opponent
-Quotes sometimes are silent

-Start Quote (Quote when Entering Battle)
-Taunt Quote (Quote when Attacking sometimes)
-Victory Quote (Quote when Winning a Battle)
-Defeat Quote (Quote when Losing a Battle)
-All Quotes must start and end with "
Quotes Example:
Mega Boy
Start Quote: "I know I'll win! I am good at this!"
Taunt Quote: "Man you suck at this don't you?"
Victory Quote: "HAHAHA! What a Noob! L 4 U!"
When Creating Alts
-Alts are costumes for robot masters (and possibly mechas/bosses/players)
-Copy Cores don't really have Alts but you are aloud to give them Alts

-Only 8 Alts (9th Alt is Automatically the Darkness Alt)
-Core Type Alts can only be given to Copy Types
(Sorry still no Example ='C)
That’s everything you need to know about the convention, I hope you have fun making your own creation!

Also please don’t complain that I’m making too many threads I’m just bored since nothing really is happening
MMRPG Creation Convention
Posted by Soren on July 5th, 2020 at 10:49pm
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Posted on July 6th, 2020 at 1:23pm
Posted 2020/07/06 at 1:23pm
I am going to Update this soon
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Posted on July 6th, 2020 at 1:33pm
Posted 2020/07/06 at 1:33pm
Ok nice that you are updating but doesn’t someone already own mega boy
But I really like this Thread
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Posted on July 6th, 2020 at 4:19pm Edited on 2020/07/06 at 4:20pm
Posted 2020/07/06 at 4:19pm Edited 2020/07/06 at 4:20pm
@RageSwitch : Oh sorry, but it was just an example. This needs Extras
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Posted on July 11th, 2020 at 1:13am
Posted 2020/07/11 at 1:13am
Oh ok, just try and think of mega man or your creations.
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