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So, here I am again. This time I'll be explaining a bit about Mega Man 3 robots and why do they are like they are.

Mega Man 3 must be my favorite Mega Man game overall, best (overall) soundtrack, really cool looking designs, slide mechanic. It just feels like a really polished Mega Man 2 with slide.

On to the changes. The stats are rather self-explanatory, just trying to match the bosses looks and in-game behavior. Spark Man is the only one that would possibly cause confusion. The thing is, Spark Man is slow, he has low damage attacks which are really easy to avoid if you know what you are doing. Instead of making him a tank (which he isn't either), I decided to give him an advantage over Mega and other neutral speed robots in speed. I know it is incorrect, but a tank with only 2 super rare weaknesses would be rather imbalanced.

Weaknesses/resistances are this time the ones that won't get much explaining, because there isn't much to explain. Though now that I'm looking at the spreadsheet again, Needle Man's Space weakness won't do good to him when Stardroids get released.

EDIT: The other weaknesses for MM3 RMs are usually from the Gameboy Mega Man, "other weakness" being the one that isn't the weakness in the NES version.
Stat & Weakness Updates : Mega Man 3 Robots
Posted by Brorman on July 27th, 2013 at 8:45am
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Posted on July 28th, 2013 at 1:43am
Posted 2013/07/28 at 1:43am
I remember Spark Man having his 'mini-spark wave' attack then a charge up attack. I'm guessing the charge attack doesn't pack enough of a punch to make him a tank.

I'm also thinking how Needle Man would have really tough armor as lasers I believe are usually used to go through the toughest materials and that's what Needle's weak to. But if you take into account the movement of the characters, Needle Man practically floats down after jumping and looks as light as a feather.
My respect to you if you can get to the end of all these charcters without going crazy deciding the stats!
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Posted on July 28th, 2013 at 9:33am
Posted 2013/07/28 at 9:33am
Spark Man's attacks are actually very weak. As a clarification, when I'm talking about a tank, I mean something that just has very big defensive properties, nothing else. Hard Man for example is an offensive tank.

It would be better if Needle Man was weak to Laser instead of Space, and I'll change it pretty soon. Just if it's ok with Adrian. And yes, Needle Man could do any of the roles, high offense, high defense, moderately high speed or something mixed. I decided to go with high offense because Needle Man isn't as tank-y as he looks. His speed is mostly in his jumps, which he really greatly uses in his advantage when attacking his enemies. It's quite difficult to evade the whole needle volley he shoots at you, because of the angle. His melee attack is very powerful, and he is one of the few robot masters to actually use melee attacks.

Hope that clears up why I did what I did. Making stats is fun, though sometimes there are robot masters like Pharaoh and Spark Man. There aren't many RMs without stats left, so I guess I'll be fine.
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Posted on October 1st, 2013 at 4:14pm
Posted 2013/10/01 at 4:14pm
I'm assuming Top Man is gonna be a fast but weak robot.
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