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Alright everyone, the scariest update ever has been implemented.... the Battle Point Reboot of 2016! This day shall be remembered forever - either fondly or otherwise - as today is the day leaderboards changed forever.

To anyone whose ranking has gone up, congratulations! To anyone whose ranking has gone down... I'm so sorry. To sum up all that's been updated in this patch, please see the list below:

+ Battle Point Reboot of 2k16 patch applied to the game and all save files, battle points are now equal to the sum of all the best mission records in a player's game rather than something you grind infinitely.

+ Any battle points lost during the update have been converted to zenny, so please check your PMs for a message with the details of the conversion. This zenny will be more useful as development continues, so if you can't find something to spend on now then please be patient until I can provide more.

+ Leaderboard generation has been optimized slightly to speed up load times.

+ Players who created their account on or before today and lost battle points due to the update have had their legacy battle point record added to the final text of their profiles.

+ New section added to the leaderboard listing all missions completed by a player and their records of min/max turns, robots, victories/defeats, and most importantly points. A total count of all points for a given player character are listed at the bottom.

+ Updated the stat booster items to have permanent effects after battle, permanently incrementing a robot's bonus stats by the boost amount. This should make it much easier to max a robot's stats, though the price of these items has gone up considerably...

+ Bonus Missions and Player Battles no longer reward battle points and instead reward zenny now, so hopefully this helps with the above a little.

I am preparing for the pitchforks and cries of lost work/effort, but I believe this was the best decision to keep the prototype fair going forward and prevent it from eventually imploding in on itself. Thank you to Mikey (yes, Mikey) for this excellent idea (and I'm not being sarcastic).

I tried to be fair in the compensation and I've made sure to keep your records on your profile, so I hope you'll all cut me some slack as I (slowly) try to improve upon the base game.

Besides, the more stable and balanced I make the foundation, the easier and more likely it is that I'll be able to build upon it and add more significant content in the future.

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The contents of this thread have been extracted from an existing comment in another thread and then repurposed for use as a dedicated news post. This was done in an effort to both bring exposure to the patch and its consequences and to start a personal trend of posting each update individually rather than compiling everything into a single megathread. Existing users can therefore ignore this thread and apologies for any confusion.
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April 2016 Update : Global Battle Point Reboot
Posted by Ageman20XX on April 30th, 2016 at 12:29am
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Posted on August 10th, 2016 at 7:23pm
Posted 2016/08/10 at 7:23pm
Very very interesting, can't wait to see Quint become unlockable he's a good fav of mine
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15 TP | 656 PP
Posted on August 10th, 2016 at 10:28pm
Posted 2016/08/10 at 10:28pm
Hey, I loved the BP update! I don't think I ever would have hit 1st place without it...
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