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August 2019 Update : Endless Attack Mode

August 2nd, 2019 at 5:19pm
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Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I've done one of these threads, and just as long that we'd have had an entirely new feature to merit it, so please excuse me if this thread seems a little rusty... Some of you may have already noticed some of the new material in the past week, but regardless, we're highly excited to finally bring it out of beta and into the public leaderboard! Since you've already read the thread title, you certainly don't need me egging you on with hints, but this music might help set the tone somewhat...
New Mode Unlocked : Endless Attack!

Endless Attack Selection
Endless Attack Battle

After extensive testing by our staff and community, the new ‘Endless Attack’ mode has been officially released! As an adaptation of the endless modes of prior mainline Mega Man games, Endless Attack has you marathoning waves of Robot Master foes in an effort to reach your top score! Your records aren’t just for show, however; your high score will add to your Battle Points total on the leaderboard, and you may find yourself competing with the top scores of other competitively-minded players. Your own personal records will be recorded for your convenience in your profile, but when hovering over the display of 'Endless Attack', you can also see who has the global record out of all Prototype players! While your initial battles may be brisk, the robot opponents will progressively become more and more difficult as you delve further in, growing in numbers, stats, elements, and Starforce boosts! The Endless Attack mode can be found and played in the Challenge Missions tab, unlocked once you’ve progressed into the post-game. Whether you’re playing for fun, to best your own record, or to achieve the global record against every player, the Endless Attack mode supports every style of play; make sure you log in soon and let us know of any feedback or bugs on the new mode!
Mechanic Change: Hold your Pellets, Capsules, and Tanks!

Attack Pellet in Action

Balance changes have been made to the effects of various consumable items. When held, items that raise stats / energy will activate reactively based on the stats of the user; specifically, when the user is afflicted with a stat debuff. For example, holding an Attack Pellet and being struck with an attack-dropping move such as Bright Burst will cause the pellet to activate and neutralize the robot back to their original stat. However, the catch you'll have to be mindful of is that these items activate at a certain threshold: pellets will cover you the least but activate early, capsules will recover moderate drops and activate midway, and items like E-Tanks / W-Tanks will recover you fully but come at the cost of reacting only at desperate times. These factors are wildly different in comparison to the original implementation of these held items, so keep that in mind when updating your team!
Furthermore, you may have noticed that the leaderboards may have shifted around a bit. This is due to some noticeable changes in how items are calculated for BP. Originally, one would received a full amount of BP for each single item they owned. Now, a majority of BP earned is only gained from the first of that item; subsidiary amounts of that item award an additional +1 BP. This should alleviate the importance of items in calculations, and should make monotonous item-grinding a little less of a necessity for those interested in leaderboard playing.
A New Enemy Robot Master: Ground Man!

Move aside, Drill Man!

Ground Man, from 'Mega Man and Bass', has appeared suddenly as an enemy robot! He may not be playable just yet, but he'll still show up in Starforce / Bonus Fields in order to wreak havoc against any who stand in his way! His sprites originate from the Rockman FC project, and I handled some of his sprite editing and posing. He's not ready quite yet as a playable Robot Master, but as his sheet was already finished, I chose to quickly throw him in there as a bonus! If Ground Man happens to be your favorite Robot Master, I hope you enjoy getting to kick his can around!
As a side-note, Elec Man, Top Man, Dive Man, and Crystal Man have all had their sheets newly refurbished! A thanks to Rhythm_BCA, Brash Buster, and Beta Man for their work in the creation of these wonderful sheets! I'm obviously biased in saying so, but they all look so freakin' cool!

elec-man top-man dive-man crystal-man
New Ability Get: Item Swap!

Item Swap Ability

As an added bonus, the new technical ability “Item Swap” has been added to the game! The name says it all; like other swap abilities, this move will allow you to swap a held item with a selected opponent. Note that when using this ability with a support robot, you can even trade your items between your fellow teammates! When facing an opponent with an item you may want, this move should be invaluable in your tactical play and fills a niche that hasn't been explored yet in regards to abilities.
Other miscellaneous changes include:
- Core Shield functionality has been revised. Shields last for 3 turns regardless of summon method. held cores give +1 duration to the relevant shield at end-of-turn.
- Swap Abilities now only increase their WE cost 50% upon each use (as opposed to 100%)
- Progress made on Endless Mode is now saved and recorded if you happen to exit or leave the Prototype window.
- Jewel Polish has been buffed to remove the Bass Crush and Crash Bomber abilities
- Hornet Chaser has been buffed to consume pellets / capsules / tanks immediately
- General stability updates and bug fixes

Other OTHER mechanics and bugs have also been addressed in this update, so make sure to take a look at our Github change log sometime!
Comments, questions, and general feedback about the update can be posted below this thread.
For bug reports, typos, and other issues please post in the Official Bug Report Thread.

Hey there! Thanks for playing!
- MBM eddie
August 2019 Update : Endless Attack Mode
Posted by MegaBossMan on August 2nd, 2019 at 5:19pm
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Posted on January 28th, 2020 at 11:13am
Posted 2020/01/28 at 11:13am
@ShadowVictor75 : If you look at the credits, you can see the themes were remixed by TheLegendOfRenegade. I can't assume if they remixed all of the robot masters themes or not, but you can go check on his YouTube channel. I'm going to guess that not all of the themes were remixed or they weren't programmed into the Endless Attack mode yet.
If you have an issue with this, I suggest making a playlist of music you want to listen to.
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Posted on January 28th, 2020 at 11:58am Edited on 2020/01/28 at 12:02pm
Posted 2020/01/28 at 11:58am Edited 2020/01/28 at 12:02pm
@Crasty : Well thanks for the suggestion.They didn´t remixed the MM11 themes yet,but there are a lot of great MM11 remixes around YouTube.
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super player
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Posted on April 3rd, 2020 at 11:06am Edited on 2020/04/05 at 8:31am
Posted 2020/04/03 at 11:06am Edited 2020/04/05 at 8:31am
We will have to wait for updates, in late 2020 or early 2021. Presumably?
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Master Alicia
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Posted on April 8th, 2020 at 1:58am
Posted 2020/04/08 at 1:58am
Mmm Rogue Stars was taken out for unknown reasons something?
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super player
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Posted on April 30th, 2020 at 10:21am Edited on 2020/05/05 at 11:40am
Posted 2020/04/30 at 10:21am Edited 2020/05/05 at 11:40am
Well, on wernick update will not be released soon, and very sad about it, although, if you wait for it, it is very much. Well anyway it will come out sooner or later.
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