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The Ultimate Grinding Guide

April 27th, 2016 at 11:23am
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So let's say you are having a jolly good time on MMRPG, being in the top ten places, doing nothing but player battles and slaying everyone with your 9999-9999-9999 stat beepboop army and 1024 stars of justice! But, Adrian updated the game to be more competition-friendly, now your Beepboop stats are gone, your stars (at least in player battles) are gone, and eventually, you will plummet down to 500th place because you only completed 12 missions, well I went through the same thing, except that I'm going up the leaderboards so

Nyeh heh heh

Yah, you've seen right, a full color, giant-ish GIF! now you may be saying "But Musical! You cannot post giant GIFs in the chat!" well this isn't the chat so NYEH HEH HEH! Wait, I think I should probably go onto the first step.

~Step 1 Starforce~
this kind of Starforce
Starforce is quite straightforward, simply Randomize until you get some stars, then decimate the opponents, but if you, say, used Dr. Light to get the first 600 Stars and then switch to Dr. Wahwee, you will encounter

~Random Encounter 1: Ghost Battles~
Nope. Not feeling up to it right now, sorry.

Gasp! Ghost Battles! From how I introduced these things to you, you may think "I hate Ghost Battles! Even though I don't know what they are!" Well, the ghost has feelings, and also, these will help you climb up the leaderboards after the Battle Point Reboot. Ghost Battles refer to the battles that you may complete as one Doctor, but the other two Docters can still complete that battle and get Battle Pints for it, since the Battle Point Reboot focuses how many Missions and how well you complete said missions instead of just grinding in player battles for ~1 year. So, Ghost Battles are okay, but the Starforce Ghosts are what you want to be spending your time with, if you get all stars in Dr. Wahwee's campaign, you will have 2048 more missions waiting for you, or a total of 3072 missions, which nobody has reached yet, so you may think "But Musical! Isn't there a cap on how many battle points on missions? That means there's a cap on how many battle points you get in general!!" Now don't get your pantaloons in a twist, there IS a cap on how many Battle Points you will get in the new update, or at least we can expect for a cap, but do not worry, after the introduction to MM5 and MM6 bots in the future, the cap will be much higher with 50% more fields. Now you may be asking "But Musical! When will the MM5 bots be released? And why aren't you a Mod yet? You're on this site all the time!" now, don't get off-topic, the MM5 bots will be here somtime in the future unless if MMRPG gets scrapped and why thank you! I'd love to be a Mod, the power, the respect, the cool M-tank badge you get! I'm already quite the contributor, what with the Wiki page, The entire Wiki for MMRPG I'll make behind Bawss' back and my "short" story, Megabound! Er, I mean, Ghost Battles will be your Golden Duck (since Golden Geese are mean) and you should probably use them to your advantage, instead of ignoring your Golden Duck (Or killing it, thinking the eggs are stored inside the Golden Duck). Now that we have covered Starforce, Ghost Battles, and Golden Ducks, what else is there? Oh yeah.

~Step 2: Beepboop Stats~
The answer to this equation is 42

So, the robot stats have been modified so now a robot's maximum stat total has gone down from 29,997 to 8,925, so your grinding time has cut down to ~29.761% but this is a theoretical percentage, if you were it gain 1 stat point a second or a static amount like that, if I were to get a 9999-9999-9999 Beepboop in one afternoon and raised an Oil Man to a stst total of 8,925 over an entire winter break, of course it took me less over the afternoon. So now, the best way to get robot stats now is to do the bonus field, or to kill three birds with one stone, complete some Starforce missions to get Battle points, robot stats, and a Star. Now you may be asking "But Musical! I don't have enough DETERMINATON to raise a bot to max stats in one night!" well of course you don't, I don't have enough DETERMINATION to wear matching socks most of the time, I don't expect you to raise a bot from the ground up in ~2 hours. Now, I will speak of how to be determined enough to grind for many hours, but before that....

EDIT: Wait! Adrian introduced the idea of using Stat capsules to permenantly raise your robot stats! So, you can really just fully stat train a beepbop in ~5 minutes

~Random Encounter 2: Dance Break!~
Who needs arms when you have legs like these!
You need to rest every once in a while in order to keep your insanity. Go grab a muffin, or play a game you like (maybe stay away from a grindy one) have some juice or pie, or just take some fresh air outside! Play with your kitteh, go in the chat, maybe even a nap if that's your cup of tea. Don't die from exhaustion because you spent 18 hours straight with just Battle Point grinding, remember, this is a game, not a job you are forced to comply with, if you don't want to grind and just play for fun, do that instead! Maybe you want to get higher on the leaderboards but grinding is tiresome to you, then take frequent breaks or focus on one area at a time to make the whole thing less overwhelming. Even if you enjoy grinding, take at least a 15 minute break every hour, if grinding drains your energy pretty fast or just find it boring, I'd recomend a 20-30 minutes break every hour. Breaking your grinding session into smaller parts will make your experience more pleasant!

~Step 3: Just keep grinding, just keep grinding, just keep grinding grinding grinding. What do we do? We grind, grind.~
Just keep grinding

You want to give up, you are questioning whether the last 90 stars are worth it. You don't know if getting to first place will take years, you wonder if it is even worth it any more to have a full army of maximum beepboops. You think you'll just Reset and end it all. Well, don't do it, believe in yourself! Getting to first will be worth it! Getting the maximum stats and stars will help you to first! Nevar give up! Resetting will only waste all of your time grinding! You may not think first is worth it, but it's way better than giving up and flushing all of your achevements down the toilet!

Now that you have reached the end of this, I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helped you, now, a round of applause for me!

The Ultimate Grinding Guide
Posted by Musical on April 27th, 2016 at 11:23am
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Posted 2016/04/30 at 4:27pm Edited 2016/04/30 at 4:29pm
This is a great thread, MusicalKitty! Love the images and helpful info for new players.
Thanks for posting it. :D

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