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'Ello, players! There are bosses that aren't ingame yet, and we need a plan on how to beat them. So I've listed my own plan of attack for when these bosses get put into the game! LET'S GET READY!
trill BOSS 1: TRILL
Weaknesses: NONE
Resistances: Space, Water, Electric
Affinities: Freeze, Flame
Immunities: Copy
Yes, I KNOW he's a boss in the first chapter, but he hasn't shown off all his abilities. So far, he has only used Space Shot, Space Buster, and Space Overdrive. He might get a rematch later on in the story, however. My advice is this: bring space cores with neutral abilities only. It will render his Teranova and Aura abilities useless. Or you could have a ton of robots with a variety of abilities, just not Flame or Freeze type as he absorbs those. Whatever you do, DON'T BRING ROBOTS WEAK TO SPACE! The same goes for Slur, only you can't use Water or Electric abilities and they're a lot stronger.

More will be added as I go along. Not that there are much bosses in world anyhow.
Boss Crusher Guide: A battle plan for future bosses
Posted by RotomSlashBlast on June 21st, 2016 at 7:29pm
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