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A Guide to MMRPG (Jan 2019)

January 8th, 2019 at 10:38pm
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(Note: This was made during 1/8/2019, if this becomes outdated then sorry, Hope it still helps tho.)


Hello there! You might be a newbie, find a problem that makes victory difficult or if you're trying to find new content to expecience, if you're here for any of these reasons, then stay here, if not, then still stay here, Please.
Here's (To my expercience) my Guide to MMRP! Enjoy!


Part 1 : Chapter 1, 2 & 3
Once you create your account and enter the actually enter the game, you'll only be able to access one place: The Intro Field.

There only is 1 Met there and you'll have a Level 1 Megaman as your only robot to use,

If you Haven't seen which is you haven't then please get some glasses. you'll start Dr.Light, and your Megaman's only weapon is the Pellet Shot,

The Pellet Shot is just Enough to disable your enemy.

Once you get past the intro field you now can enter: Chapter 2: Robot Master Revival,
There you'll find the 6 Robot masters from Megaman 1 + 2 from Powered Up.

Here's the Robots to encounter:

-Cutman cut-man
-Gutsman guts-man
-Iceman ice-man
-Bombman bomb-man
-Fireman fire-man
-Elecman elec-man
-Timeman time-man
-Oilman oil-man

Each one has 2 Weaknesses that Damage them a lot and give you Extra EXP, making you level up Faster! Isn't that nice? How do you found out thier weaknesses? Easy! Just Use the Scan button in left bottom corner of your action buttons, scan the Robot master (or Mecha) you want, and There you go!

You might lose anginst one of them, You think thats all? You lost and have to try again? TOO BAD!, You Unlock Roll, the Lab Assistant Robot!

Having an Extra robot is a nice addition to your team, since you can Beat the other robots once Megaman is down, Which is really nice.

Once all Robot Masters in Chapter 2 are beaten, Chapter 3 opens, Allowing you to Fight a Rival, as Light, You'll Fight Dr.Wily's Robots which are Bass and Disco.

A Good Strategy to Defeat Wily for the 1000th time is to use Fire Man's Weapons on Bass and Cut Man's Weapons on Disco, since those are thier weaknesses, Killing them Easliy. Beware of Disco's Stat Break Abilities, tho!

Once you beat Chapter 3, You'll Unlock Dr. Wily, Bass, and the Light Program, Allowing you to keep the MM1 Weapons as Wily and the MM2 Weapons as Light.

As Wily there's various small changes:
To unlock Disco, You'll have to lose on two different stages
All Robot Masters Will be from MM2, Here's all the Bots you can encounter:

-Metalman metal-man
-Airman air-man
-Bubbleman bubble-man
-Quickman quick-man
-Crashman crash-man
-Flashman flash-man
-Heatman heat-man
-Woodman wood-man

In chapter 3, as Wily, you'll encounter Dr. Cossack's Robots: Proto Man and Rhythm.
Proto's Weaknesses are Impact and Explode and Rhythm's are Laser and Crystal
Proto Man can be easliy Defeated by Crash man, and Rhythm can be Easily defeated by Flash man. Try to destroy Rhythm as fast as posible, since her Stat swap habilities can be Desvastating.

Once you Beat Chapter 3 as Wily, you'll unlock Dr. Cossack, Proto Man, and the Wily Program, Allowing you to give any other Player your robots and take from them.

Dr. Cossack also has various Differencies:
To unlock Rhythm, You'll have to lose on three different stages
All Robot Masters Will be from MM4, Here's all the Bots you can encounter:

-Brightman bright-man
-BupToadman toad-man
-Drillman drill-man
-Pharaohman pharaoh-man
-Ringman ring-man
-Dustman dust-man
-Diveman dive-man
-Skullman skull-man

You'll encounter Dr. Light's robots in chapter 3, those Robots are Mega Man and Roll.
Megaman is Weak to Electric and Wind Attacks and Roll is Weak to Freeze and Nautre Types, so use Bright Man and Dust man a lot, and Equip Proto Man with ethier Leaf shield or Ice slasher.
Roll has multiple Stat Boost Habilities which can be annoying, Use the Stat Swap habilites as much as posible!

Once all Chapter 3 as Cossack is Complete, now you have finished this part.

Part 2: Shops and Items
While you where playing the game you may have seen that you gain "Zenny", that's the in-game currency, that you you can spend in the shop menu, what shops can you find there? Here a descrition of all 3 shops!

-Auto's Shop (Unlockable as Dr. Light)-
In Auto's shop you can buy Various Consumable Items that you can use in battle, Like Energy and Weapon Pelets, Capluses and Tanks, The Yashichi, Extra Lives and Stat Capulses.

Later on, You'll unlock an alt shop, Allowing you to buy Alternative Costumes to your robots that you can equip in the "Robots" menu by clicking the robot's sprite.

You can sell Screws that you find after Disabling robots there, bring as many as posible.

-Reggae's Shop (Unlockable as Dr. Wily)-
Reggae's Shop includes Various Abilities that you can equip to your robots like stat boosts, breaks, swaps, Modes, Etc.

Also, Reggae sells Weapons that you can buy Later on, some weapons can be from robots you haven't unlocked yet.

He only buys Cores, he offers more for Neutral and Copy Cores.

-Kalinka's Shop (Unlockable as Dr. Cossack)-
Kalinka sells parts that you give to your robots that can make them better like giving tham more Max Energy, Weapons, Increased Attack, Defense, Speed, Accuracy, Zenny, Wep Charche, and EXP.

In End Game, you can Buy Fields and Robots after scaning them.

You can show her Field and Fusion Stars to get Zenny.

Items like Cores and Shards have a purpose,
Shards can be obtained by disabling mechas, you may get a shard, getting 4 will create a Core.
Cores Can be obtained by disabling Robots, you may get a Core, you can eqiup it to a robot in order to use or increase efectivity of a weapon the same type.

Part 3: Unlocking Robots and Getting Field Stars.
You might be wondering on how to unlock robots, not the copy and neutral cores ones, the ones you fight angist.
The only way to unlock robots is to disable them only using Neutral type weapons.
You might fail sometimes but once you disable the robot, it is now yours.

In Chapter 2, You'll encounter yourself Field Stars after Completing Chapter 3 as Dr. Cossack, all players can find Field Stars in Chapter 2, There you'll find an extra Robot master to fight that matches the Field's type, once you get all field stars that you can find, chapter 4 will be opened.

Field Stars will Boost The stats of your robots.

Part 4: Chapter 4 & 5.
Getting a total of 24 field stars will unlock chapter 4, where you can find fusion fields where you can find mixes of 2 fields, where you'll find both of the robots of the one of the fields + 2 more robots, winning 12 fusions fields of you'll be awarded with thier respective fusion stars and access to Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 includes 3 levels called Final Destination.

The first level will include either Enker, Punk, or Ballade

The Second level will include Dark Soul (DS) versions of Megaman, Bass and Protoman.

And the last Level will inlude Evil Copies of the Robots you fought in previous chapters.

Once you do this as all player you have beaten the game.

Part 5: Post-Game.
Once you beat chapter 5 as any one, you'll have access to 3 new options to play fusion stars, Play angist Ghost data of any player, and play in a random mission.

The Mission randomiser is Good for Grinding EXP, Player Battles is a Great way to win Zenny Fast, and fusion fields are a way to earn Fusion stars.

Also you can earn A knockout bouns to your robot master by disabling robots (It increases the amount you get from each robot disabled when you get a robot to 100 level)

I'm not good at explaining, so i'm it doesn't make sense.

THat all i can say, Hope it helped!
A Guide to MMRPG (Jan 2019)
Posted by YoshoGuy on January 8th, 2019 at 10:38pm
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