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Weapon Energy

November 16th, 2013 at 11:54pm
Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Every robot's "Energy" is split into two parts and both will are shown beside the robot's mugshot during battle - the Life Energy (appears in green) represents the robot's life force (or "HP" in other games) while the robot's Weapon Energy (appears in blue) represents their weapon ammo (or "MP" in other games).

Weapon Energy : Hard Knuckle

Weapon Energy (or WE) is consumed every time a robot uses an ability. All robots have exactly 10 units of weapon energy and different abilities require different amounts of energy to use.

When a robot has run out of weapon energy, it will be unable to attack be vulnerable to undefended attack. In the event that a robot cannot switch, its only option is to wait for their energy to recharge.

Weapons recharge at the end of each turn at a rate of one unit per turn for each active robot and two units per turn for all benched robots. If your robot runs out of energy, switching to a benched robot is your best bet while you wait for the other to recharge.

Weapon Energy : Ability Menu

Every ability has a present amount of weapon energy required to use it, but that amount can be reduced depending on which robot the ability is currently equipped to.

If the robot using the ability shares its Core Type with one of the two ability types, that robot can use the ability with only half the normal weapon energy. Additionally, if a robot naturally learns the ability by Level Up then the required energy will be cut in half again.

With these energy reduction bonuses, powerful abilities like the Danger Bomb (8 WE) can be used with as little as 4 WE when equipped to an Explode Core robot or even 2 WE when equipped to its original owner - Bomb Man. This gives the game's standard robot masters a slight edge over Copy Core robots like Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man and helps to maintain balanced.

If your robot has insufficient energy for an ability, that ability will appear greyed out in the battle menu. These abilities cannot be used until that robot's weapon energy has recovered, either naturally or by an item like the Weapon Pellet or Weapon Tank.

If your robot is ever in a situation where it cannot use any of it's abilities and it cannot switch out either, simply click the faded ability button and you'll automatically "pass" your turn to wait it out.

Please be aware that some of this information could be outdated. See the Official Question and Answer thread or post below if you have any questions.-MBM
Weapon Energy
Posted by Adrian Marceau on November 16th, 2013 at 11:54pm
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