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Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Once again the Prototype has been updated with new content, features, and mechanics - some imported from World and others completely new to the game.

In contrast to the relatively tame updates from the past few months, this one aims to shake up the game in a much bigger way. I have confidence that some of these new changes will be rejoiced and appreciated for years to come, though I'm sure others are bound to cause a stir among the community. Either way, please continue reading with an open mind and I sincerely hope you enjoy what I've been working on for the last month.

The most notable features of this update are the introduction of a new hold-item mechanic and the death of an old, unbalanced beast we once called Starforce;

Robots can now be equipped with various hold items shortly after unlocking Kalinka in the game. Items like the Energy Pellet and Attack Capsule are automatically consumed by the holder after taking a specific amount of stat damage, while items like the Energy Upgrade and Target Module have more specialized and unique effects. Even the elemental cores can be held to extend a given robot's ability compatibility and grant a +25% boost to power weapon energy efficiency. Target robots in certain story missions will now be equipped with hold items for added challenge.

The old mechanics of Starforce have been destroyed and new ones have taken their place. Field Stars and Fusion Stars are now collected as part of the main story (rather than post-game) and act as key items - unlocking certain chapters only after the player has accumulated a specific amount. Collected stars also contribute to the global Battle Point total and affect the sell prices of certain shop items. They do not, however, have any effect on the damage or recovery power of abilities used in battle. Collecting all 1024 is now a task only completionists need care about.

Here's a list of patch notes below explaining all the new tweaks, additions, and changes included in this update:
Robot Editor Updates

New Robot Editor
New Ability Selector New Item Selector New Player Selector Drag and Drop Robots
- Robot editor has been updated with improvements imported from World
- Ability, item, and player selectors more user-friendly with sorting and colours
- Robots can be dragged and dropped between doctors once the feature is unlocked in-game

Starforce Updates

field-star_nature field-star_flame field-star_water field-star_electric

- Starforce no longer boost attack power or experience, instead increases battle points
- Field Stars grant +6,000 BP and Fusion Stars grant +9,000 BP while in player's possession
- Some mission chapters in the campaign are now locked behind star count requirements
- Sell prices for robot cores in the shop are now boosted by elemental starforce levels

field-star_nature fusion-star_water-shield fusion-star_freeze-electric
- Field and Fusion stars saved as separate images, can now be used in community
[item]{field-star_nature} [item]{fusion-star_water-shield} [item]{fusion-star_freeze-electric}

Item Updates

New Item Categories and Sorting
- All items are now grouped by kind (consumable, holdable, event, etc.)
- Robots can now hold specific items for bonuses or special effects in battle
- Holding a consumable auto-triggers the item when relevant stat is lowered
- Holding a robot core grants move compatibility, +25% power and -25% weapon energy
- Only consumable items can be used in-battle, now require one turn to execute
- Target robots now only drop screws, shards, or cores when disabled in battle
- Cores can no longer be thrown at target robots in battle to deal elemental damage

Miscellaneous Updates

New Visual Perspective
- Visual perspective in battle changed very slightly (most apparent in 8vs8 battles, may not notice)
- All benched robots receive same 50% reduction to received damage, exact position irrelevant
- Benched robots no longer show stat boost messages on level-up, speeding up some battles

New Ballade Form Change
- Ballade now triggers form change when life energy drops below half, boosting all stats

New Unlockable Robot Icon
- Unlockable robots now have a hovering lock icon in battle, fades if corrupted

dr-light light-buster dr-wily wily-buster dr-cossack cossack-buster
- Light, Wily, Cossack Buster abilities now unlocked at start for their respective doctors during campaign
- Many other abilities have had power tweaks, minor text fixes, and functionality optimizations

New Holdable Items:
These items can be purchased from Kalinka's Shop and then equipped to your robots before battle. They each have different and unique effects - from boosting stats to tweaking mechanics - and can be reused an infinite number of times.

energy-upgrade weapon-upgrade
- Energy Upgrade doubles the base life energy of the holder in battle
- Weapon Upgrade doubles the base weapon energy of the holder in battle

attack-booster defense-booster speed-booster field-booster
- Attack Booster increases attack stat of holder after each turn in battle
- Defense Booster increases defense stat of holder after each turn in battle
- Speed Booster increases speed stat of holder after each turn in battle
- Field Booster increases core-type field multiplier after each turn in battle

target-module charge-module growth-module fortune-module
- Target Module extends reach of many abilities to target benched robots
- Charge Module allows two-turn charge abilities to be used in only one
- Growth Module doubles experience and stat bonuses earned by holder in battle
- Fortune Module greatly increases prize money and item drop frequency in battle

New Event Items:
These key items are unlocked during the story and provide narrative context to the various mechanics in the Prototype. They will have little effect on veteran players who have already unlocked everything in their game files, but will be invaluable to new players who are still learning the ropes. These items also make it easier for me - the developer - to trickle out features slowly rather them all at once.

light-program wily-program cossack-program
- Light Program allows doctors to share items and abilities with each other
- Wily Program allows doctors to transfer unlocked robots between each other
- Cossack Program allows doctors to collect new field and fusion stars in battle

auto-link reggae-link kalinka-link
- Auto Link connects doctors with Auto, unlocks his shop
- Reggae Link connects doctors with Reggae, unlocks its shop
- Kalinka Link connects doctors with Kalinka, unlocks her shop

item-codes dress-codes ability-codes weapon-codes equip-codes field-codes
- Item Codes allow item use in-battle, unlock the Item Shop
- Dress Cores allow robot pallet swapping, unlock the Alt Shop
- Ability Codes unlock new support abilities, unlock the Ability Shop
- Weapon Codes unlock new special weapons, unlock the Weapon Shop
- Equip Codes allow item holding in-battle, unlock the Parts Shop
- Field Codes allow player field customization, unlock the Field Shop

New Abilities:
These abilities can be purchased from Reggae's Shop and equipped to compatible robots. The two Neutral-type buster abilities have niche uses but can require zero energy and can be very powerful on the right robot. Buster Charge is great for robots equipped with lots of abilities that require high weapon energy, and Buster Relay is great for support robots that want to pre-charge specific busters for their teammates. The Shot/Buster/Overdrive elemental abilities were designed specifically to padd-out some of the more under-represented types and should add more diversity to player and AI-controlled robot abilities in battle.

buster-charge buster-relay
- Buster Charge ability imported from World, fully replenishes the user's weapon energy
- Buster Relay ability imported from World, transfers any buster charges to a teammate

cutter-shot cutter-buster cutter-overdrive freeze-shot freeze-buster freeze-overdrive
flame-shot flame-buster flame-overdrive electric-shot electric-buster electric-overdrive
crystal-shot crystal-buster crystal-overdrive space-shot space-buster space-overdrive
shield-shot shield-buster shield-overdrive laser-shot laser-buster laser-overdrive
- New elemental abilities for Cutter, Freeze, Flame, Electric, Crystal, Space, Shield, and Laser types
- Elemental shot abilities deal low damage for zero energy with perfect accuracy
- Elemental buster abilities deal medium damage with element-boosting charge effect
- Elemental overdrive abilities deal high damage to all target robots using up all energy

New Robots:
Even though the purpose of this update was not to introduce new challengers (we'll save that for another time), MegaBossMan managed to sneak in a new Missile Core robots - Search Man! Look forward to seeing him in battle and let us know what you think in the comments!

search-man Search Man

search-man    search-man    search-man    search-man    search-man    search-man    search-man    search-man    search-man search-man
And that's it for this update. I hope you enjoy all the hard work put into this one and please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. Thanks for playing!
October 2016 Update : Hold Items and the Death of Starforce
Posted by Adrian Marceau on October 16th, 2016 at 2:51am
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Posted on November 13th, 2016 at 9:36pm
Posted 2016/11/13 at 9:36pm
Thanks for the update, wish I got at least one starforce.
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Posted on February 7th, 2017 at 8:44pm Edited on 2017/02/07 at 8:54pm
Posted 2017/02/07 at 8:44pm Edited 2017/02/07 at 8:54pm
So for those of you who don't keep up with the Mega Man RPG Prototype page, we've recently had new art created for Rhythm, the support robot! rhythm The art was done by NeoMan95 / Valo, who did a top-notch job of managing to capture the Mega Man Classic art style! She looks absolutely wonderful, and naturally many of thanks have to go out for Valo's work; it's worth reiterating that it's really, really amazing!

If you want to continue to get your mind blown, you can always check out Valo's gallery

And of course, Rhythm isn't the only one to get art. Disco's also got a great illustration, made by Karakato

MBM what does this have to do with this specific thread well don't think about it too hard this is the most current news thread

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