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Beta Man's Tournament of Champions

April 9th, 2016 at 7:00pm
Holly Jolly Beta
Holly Jolly Beta
1,657,007,431 BP
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gemini-man Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Tournament of Champions! I am your host, Gemini Shadow! But you all originally knew me as one of Evil Man's minions, Evil Gemini Man! However, ever since he disappeared and is assumed dead (Beta Man's Note: This is because he is presumed as dead due to the unknown ending of Zero's thread), most of us "Evil" robots had a change of name, and have decided to do good for the world! ...Well, at least some of us decided to stop being evil... But in any case! Prepare yourself for some epic battles!

-There will be a training session between each round.
-Do not fight/attack anyone before battles. This does not count for training, as long as it is on one of the training room's personal training Copy Robots.
-OP Robot Masters will be banned. If a robot has an OP form, the form will be banned, though the robot with it will not.
-No summoning or assists. If an assist is needed for an adapter, that's fine, just not for anything else.
-For the sake of the Classic Mega Man Series, PLEASE don't break the 3 laws of robotics.
-Time/Dimensional Travel is allowed for MEGA MAN CHARACTERS ONLY! If the character is a custom NetNavi or something, that's fine.
-Wily, Light, Cossack, and any other human characters is banned.
-Unfinished Robot Masters, like Centaur Man, Buster Rod G, and King are also banned. If it is a DOS Robot Master with a name similar to an unsprited RM, that's fine. Also, don't use the ones on MMRPG World. They don't work.
-Do not use an alt for a Robot Master that is already used by someone else. It makes things less confusing if you follow this rule.
-Custom mugshots seem to be a new thing around here. If you ever decide to do Custom mugshots, that's fine.
-In battle, if one person does not respond before a week (like if one person posts on Monday, then the other fails to post before the Monday after the post is made), they will be considered as inactive and all of their robots will be disqualified.
-If a robot tries to scrap the other, the robot trying to scrap it's opponent will be disqualified.
-The brackets will be made by using THIS.
Now, before I explain about the sign-ups sheet, I found out something about rosters. You see, if I accept the number as an even number, like so...
Then it will end up like this...
10-5 ("Strange" Bracket)
So, if we do it like this...
It'll be like this...
So, I'll be accepting sign-ups until April 13th, and if we need more by then, I'll start doing an "Open Slot" limit.

Name: (With Mugshot)
Model: (Optional)
Reason for Joining: (Optional)

Here are my characters:

Name: Beta Man
Model: ASN-001
Core: Shadow
Weapons/Forms: Dual Adapter (Mixture of the Jet and Power Adapters) Weapon Copy System (Copies the main weapons of defeated Robot Masters.) Shadow Blade Skull Barrier Shadow Rapier (A Shadow and Cutter version of those swords you use in fencing.) Beta Blast (A ball of shadow energy that explodes.) Time Smoke (A cloud of smoke that slows down opponents.) Cool Mist (A cloud of sky blue smoke that freezes opponents.) Shadow Buster Dark Fire (A fireball made of Shadowy Aura.) Shadow Barrier (Shadow-Core Mirror Buster.)
Reason for Joining: To get stronger.

Name: proto-man Sargent Man
Model: ASN-002
Core: Missile
Weapons: Needle Cannon Dive Torpedo Magnet Missile Sargent Missile Sargent Shield Sargent Rocket Mine Barrier (Three floating mines that protects Sargent Man and explodes on contact.)
Reason for Joining: To test out his new upgrades, including a rocket launcher on his shoulder.

Name: bass Ninja Man
Model: HWN-002
Core: Swift
Weapons: Shadow-Core Form Ultimate Form Ninja Form Ninja Katana (A Katana-shaped Z-Saber) Quick Boomerang Fire Chaser Top Spin Top Reflection (The spinning thing Top Man does.) Ninja Star (Swift-Core One-Way Shadow Blade.) Shadow Blade (Shadow-Core and Ultimate Forms only) Skull Barrier (Shadow-Core and Ultimate Forms only) Afterimage Reflection (Ninja and Ultimate Forms only. Creates a clone of Ninja Man that follows his every movement. Fades away after being hit once.)
Reason for Joining: To face against Beta Man, and maybe even Zero.

Name: crash-man Crash Shadow
Model: ERN CEN-000 (Crash Exterminator Number)
Core: Explode and Shadow
Weapons: Rage Mode Explode-Shadow Copy System (Copies a single explode-core attack, if any, from defeated robot masters and turns it into an Explode- and Shadow-Core attack.) Shadow Crash Bomber Shadow Hyper Bomb Shadow Danger Bomb Shadow Bubble Bomb Crashing Burn (A Crash Bomber that creates fire when it explodes.) Crash Missile (A Crash Bomber that tracks down opponents.) Exploding Cutter (A Rolling Cutter that explodes.) Freeze Bomb (A bomb that freezes all robots in it's blast radius, including himself.)
Reason for Joining: To face Team Crash with his NEW team.

Name: skull-man Shocker Man (Yes, the one from Cross X.)
Model: CEN-001
Core: Electric and Explode
Weapons: Over-Drive Electric Copy System (Copies a single electric-core move, if any, from defeated robot masters.) G-Cannon Shocker Barrier Shocker Orb Shocker Skull Shocker Punch
Reason for Joining: Because he was repaired and dragged into this by Crash Shadow to counter Cyro Man.

Name: star-man Supernova Man
Model: CEN-002
Core: Space and Explode
Weapons: Solar Supernova (Powers up Supernova Man) Space Copy System (Copies a single space-core move, if any, from defeated robot masters.) Solar Flare (A fireball that is as hot as the "core" of the sun.) Star Supernova (A star that explodes.) Star Crash Astro Crush Shooting Star (A star variation of Astro Crush. The attack is weaker and the objects are smaller, but it can be controlled easier.) Spacial Laser (A laser beam. Do I need to explain this?)
Reason for Joining: Because he was created and dragged into this by Crash Shadow to counter Guard Man.

Reserved List:
Beta Man, Sargent Man, Ninja Man, Crash Shadow, Shocker Man, Supernova Man- Beta Man (Me)
ZeroDXZ, SarahZX- ZeroDXZ/Omega Zero
MegaBoyX7- MegaBoyX7
Phantom Man, Chorus, Orchestra- StupidStudiosN
Crash Man 2.0, Cyro Man 2.0, Guard Man 2.0, Bubble Man- DaCrashBomber
Ender Man, Skeleton Man, Blaze Man- ThatOneEnderMan
General Joe, Rocket Man, Flare Man- TobyJoey
Chaos, Dark Quick Man, Gemini Man MKX- ChaosShurikenGSX
Crimson- CrimsonBomb
Mega Man Shadow- Brimstone
Dark Man- Dark Man
Musical, Theatre Man, Espresso, Mocha- MusicalKitty

CURRENT ROUND: Round 1 (Note: COV stands for Cause of Victory)
flash-man Flare Man wins! (COV: Default)
quick-man Dark Quick Man vs. Chorus pharaoh-man
heat-man Blaze Man vs. Dark Man shadow-man
ring-man Ender Man vs. General Joe
rhythm Rhythm Espresso vs. Mocha disco
crash-man Crash Man vs. Time Man Musical time-man
bass Ninja Man vs. Sargent Man proto-man
gemini-man Theatre Man vs. Supernova Man star-man
Beta Man vs. Orchestra hard-man
fire-man Cyro Man vs. Gemini Man MKX gemini-man
rhythm The Alternate Solution since Musical hardly uses alts SarahZX vs. Shocker Man skull-man
bubble-man Dead Meat Bubble Man vs. Yep Bubble Man is dead. Chaos shadow-man
crash-man Crash Shadow vs. Probably not Quint quint
fire-man Crimson vs. Guard Man guts-man
drill-man Rocket Man vs. Skeleton Man skull-man
bass ZeroDXZ vs. Phantom Man proto-man
Beta Man's Tournament of Champions
Posted by Holly Jolly Beta on April 9th, 2016 at 7:00pm
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Zero The Link
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11 TP | 526 PP
Posted on April 9th, 2016 at 9:42pm Edited on 2016/04/09 at 9:50pm
Posted 2016/04/09 at 9:42pm Edited 2016/04/09 at 9:50pm
Name: bassZeroDXZ
Model: DXZ-00X
Core: Shadow and Flame
Weapons: Z-Saber Z-Buster DXZ-Rush Genbu Zero -Genbu Zero is a 1/4th hit attack.... meaning 25% of is strong, but can be countered or blocked... thus meaning it doesn't meet OP Standards-
Reason for Joining: To join Beta-Man and Ninja-Man.... and to hopefully stop any lingering Dark-Bots from Evil-Man's past reign...

-ZeroDXZ is alone for this RP..unless if anyone wants SarahZX or Blade Wolf/LQ-84i to join the RP-
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Holly Jolly Beta
1,657,007,431 BP
37 TP | 1543 PP
Posted on April 9th, 2016 at 9:52pm
Posted 2016/04/09 at 9:52pm
@Omega Zero : Hey, that decision is entirely up to you.
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Zero The Link
332,297,151 BP
11 TP | 526 PP
Posted on April 9th, 2016 at 9:59pm
Posted 2016/04/09 at 9:59pm
@Beta Man : i still feel others would like to see the DXZ-Series characters come back from the past rps or "Create-A-Mega Man" Games
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31 TP | 601 PP
Posted on April 9th, 2016 at 10:02pm Edited on 2016/04/10 at 7:40am
Posted 2016/04/09 at 10:02pm Edited 2016/04/10 at 7:40am
Name: MegaBoyX7)
Model: DWC-001
Core: Copy
Weapons: Mega Buster Mk3 Elemental Saber MegaBoyical Laser
Reason for joining: To multitask
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658,104,324 BP
6 TP | 426 PP
Posted on April 9th, 2016 at 10:58pm Edited on 2016/05/20 at 5:59pm
Posted 2016/04/09 at 10:58pm Edited 2016/05/20 at 5:59pm
Name: proto-man Phantom Man
Model: SWN-002 SSN-001 (Shenanigan Squad Numbers)
Core: Shadow and Copy
Weapons: Phantom Saber, Wily Buster, Phantom Morph, Holo-Clone, Skull Barrier, Shadow Blade, Magic Card, Mirror Buster
Reason For Joining: To defeat his rivals in combat (MegaBoyX7 & BetaMan)

Name: pharaoh-man Chorus
Model: SWN-003 SSN-002
Core: Time and Space
Weapons: Spacial Distortion, Wily Buster, Warp Drive Ring Boomerang, Bright Burst, Gravity Hold, Flash Stopper
Reason For Joining: To aid Phantom Man and Orchestra, analytically

Name: hard-man Orchestra
Model: SWN-004 SSN-003
Core: Impact and Shield
Weapons: Hard Knuckle, Wily Buster, Rolling Dash, Jewel Satellite, Skull Barrier, Astro Crush
Reason For Joining: Phantom Man and Chorus dragged him along.
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35,417,153 BP
1 TP | 281 PP
Posted on April 10th, 2016 at 6:01pm
Posted 2016/04/10 at 6:01pm
Name: crash-man Crash Man 2.0?!
Model: DWN-013 CCN-001 (Crash Crew Numbers)
Core: Explode + Flame
Weapons: Crash Bomber Danger Bomb Fire Storm Crash Bazooka Hard Knuckle (I feel this should be an explode core move) Black Hole Bomb Fury Mode
Reasons For Joining: It's Fun. To teach that phony copy a lesson.

Name: fire-man Cryo Man 2.0?!
Model: CCN-002
Core: Freeze + Cutter
Weapons: Cryo Frost Ice Slasher Ice Wall Freeze Cracker Frozen Metal Blade Subzero Mode
Reason for Joining: (See Crash's)

Name: guts-man Guard Man 2.0?!
Model: CCN-003
Core: Shield and Impact Sorry Orchestra :P
Weapons: Guard Protection Super Arm/Super Throw Junk Shield Star Crash Break Dash Knight Crush The Metal Guardian
Reason for Joining: (See Crash's)
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Zero The Link
332,297,151 BP
11 TP | 526 PP
Posted on April 10th, 2016 at 11:34pm
Posted 2016/04/10 at 11:34pm
-SarahZX Blasts her way to the tourney!-

Name: rhythmSarahZX
Model: DXZ-00Y
Core: Swift and Recovery
Weapons: Sarah Buster Energy Leech Weapon Leech Shield Spike
Reason for Joining: To prove she is strong like her brother "ZeroDXZ"...however,..she's just here to get notoriety as a character
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4,279,483,687 BP
10 TP | 592 PP
Posted on April 11th, 2016 at 4:53am
Posted 2016/04/11 at 4:53am
Name: ring-man Ender Man
Model: MCN-001
Core: Earth/Cutter
Weapons: Teleporting Rings Crystal Sword Portal Ring Ring Boomerang Oil Slider

Name: skull-man Skeleton Man
Model: MCN-002
Core: Swift/Shadow
Weapons: Basic Arrow Shadow Blade Triple Arrows Flame Arrow Ice Arrow

Name: heat-man Blaze Man
Model: MCN-003
Core: Flame/Wind
Weapons: Blaze Flames Fire Ball Fire Storm Air Shooter Gyro Blade Flame Blast Flaming Oil
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Posted on April 12th, 2016 at 11:12am Edited on 2016/04/12 at 11:12am
Posted 2016/04/12 at 11:12am Edited 2016/04/12 at 11:12am
Name: General Joe General Joe
Model: GJOE-00A
Core: Shield & Missile
Weapons: Buster Shot Shield Block Rider/Apache Operation Hammer Swing Bone Toss Bone Collapse Crystal Splinter Plasma Launch
Reason for Joining: To display the immense strength of the Sniper Joe military.

That's all, I'm afraid. I don't want to clog the tournament up with extra characters.
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Holly Jolly Beta
1,657,007,431 BP
37 TP | 1543 PP
Posted on April 13th, 2016 at 3:55pm
Posted 2016/04/13 at 3:55pm
Ok, we have 19 people, so the number we need know is 32. Which means we now have 13 slots left before we begin. And remember: you don't need to have 3 people, nor is there a maximum number. ...On second thought, I'll make the limit 6, and expand it if necessary.
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952,935,390 BP
9 TP | 540 PP
Posted on April 13th, 2016 at 4:44pm Edited on 2016/04/13 at 6:16pm
Posted 2016/04/13 at 4:44pm Edited 2016/04/13 at 6:16pm
quick-manDark Quickman
gemini-manGemini Man MKX
These i reserve
Chaos Wep
triple buster charged shoots,clone shuriken attack,Dark Shadow Blade,Multi barrage kunai attack
Alpha Phase II
Quick wep:
Dark Boomerang,Multi Quick Explosive Boomerang attack,Shadow Blade
Gemini wep:
Gemini Buster,Gemini Clone Laser,Gemini Laser,Crystal Shield
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Holly Jolly Beta
1,657,007,431 BP
37 TP | 1543 PP
Posted on April 13th, 2016 at 5:02pm
Posted 2016/04/13 at 5:02pm
@ChaosShurikenGSX : Uh, Chaos? Dark Quick Man is missing his core, and showing the weapons and forms of the characters are NOT optional.
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952,935,390 BP
9 TP | 540 PP
Posted on April 13th, 2016 at 6:16pm
Posted 2016/04/13 at 6:16pm
@Beta Man : Is fixed now everything is fine :D
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Posted on April 14th, 2016 at 8:29am Edited on 2016/05/08 at 6:51pm
Posted 2016/04/14 at 8:29am Edited 2016/05/08 at 6:51pm
Name: fire-man:Crimson Man
Moves: Laser Blade Crimson Buster Red Gemini Laser Heat Vision Mirror Buster Deluxe Kick Spark Chaser Solar Shot OMEGA CANNON

Reason for Joining: he wants to achieve pride,whatever
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Holly Jolly Beta
1,657,007,431 BP
37 TP | 1543 PP
Posted on April 19th, 2016 at 4:55pm
Posted 2016/04/19 at 4:55pm
Hm. It seems nobody else seems to be signing up.
I guess it's worth reminding everyone that there are still 9 spots left. I'd fill in a few of those spots myself, but it would break the limit that I set up myself, so I can't really do that. So if there's anyone who wants to add more characters or haven't signed up and wants to, go ahead.
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2,074,810,633 BP
7 TP | 411 PP
Posted on April 19th, 2016 at 5:30pm
Posted 2016/04/19 at 5:30pm
Alrighty, here are two more to help.

Name: drill-man Rocket Man
Model: SRN-027
Core: Wind
Weapons: Guiding Rocket Cyclone Crash Strong Gust
Reason for Joining: Fighting is fun!

Name: flash-man Flare Man
Model: SRN-251
Core: Flame
Weapons: Bright Flare Hot Flash Quick Burst
Reason for Joining: He heard there was a prize.
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35,417,153 BP
1 TP | 281 PP
Posted on April 19th, 2016 at 5:36pm Edited on 2016/04/19 at 5:40pm
Posted 2016/04/19 at 5:36pm Edited 2016/04/19 at 5:40pm
Name: bubble-man ...Bubble Man.
Model: NO-ONE-CARES: 001
Core: joke Water
Moves: Bubble Lead, Rain Flush, Bubble Bomb, Water Cutter, and Bubble Spray

(Yes, i'm serious about this :P)
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Holly Jolly Beta
1,657,007,431 BP
37 TP | 1543 PP
Posted on April 19th, 2016 at 6:17pm
Posted 2016/04/19 at 6:17pm
@DaCrashBomber : Welcome, Bubble Man, to the tournament!
He's not going to survive the first round.
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18,073,331 BP
0 TP | 226 PP
Posted on April 20th, 2016 at 7:10am
Posted 2016/04/20 at 7:10am
quint Mega Man Shadow
Model: ???-???
Core: Copy
Moves: Shadow Buster, Rock Saber, Sakugarne Inferno Firestorm, Thunder Maelstrom, Atom Bomb, Sub-Zero Slicer, Impaling Cutter, Hulkish Arm
Reason for Joining: To find someone worthy enough to challenge under the fake identity of "Quint".
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