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Alicia Shadow

Alicia Shadow is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 421,860,171 and a zenny total of 16,613,155. Alicia Shadow created her account on August 25th, 2017 and has since completed 337 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 35 robot fighters, 58 special abilities, and 305 field stars. Alicia Shadow's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and her top 5 favourite robots appear to be Rhythm, Dive Man, Disco, Elec Man and Bass.

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Hello I'm the boss player, I will say sorry to everyone and Shiver. I was the toughest player in this game. I will not bully anyone ever again =( I'm starting to like MegaBossMan right now =D I'm the only player who doesn't like to deal with consequences of bad behaviors. Just please don't do the bad behaviors make me upset. I wish I want to be the contributor of Mega Man RPG Prototype in this year =)
I'm good at battle robots

Because with my adaption with Nightcap I like to be the toughest player. I can be defeated by little bit. I'm even more harder and I can be fought in everything but I do get cry easily if I saw my robots defeated like Time Man
Gender: Female
Minions: Rhythm (First Boss) rhythm rhythm
Proto Man (Second Boss) proto-man proto-man
Bass (Third Boss) bass bass
Time Man (Fourth Boss) time-man time-man
Ice Man (Fifth Boss) ice-man ice-man
Roll (Sixth Boss) roll roll
Toad Man (Seventh Boss) toad-man toad-man
Crash Man (Last Boss) crash-man crash-man

Suggestion Minions: Oil Man (First Boss) oil-man oil-man
Disco (Second Boss) disco disco
Mega Man (Third Boss) mega-man mega-man
Elec Man (Fourth Boss) elec-man elec-man
Rhythm (Fifth Boss) rhythm rhythm
Dive Man (Sixth Boss) dive-man dive-man
Wood Man (Seventh Boss) wood-man wood-man
Bubble Man (Final Boss) bubble-man bubble-man
5 robots you didn't know about my best robots

1. Ice Man
ice-man ice-man

Ice Man is my best robot in the battle that can stop switching by freezing. However he is weak to Electric or Explode that can harm him easily. After taking him damage, he will be defeated with his mouth opened and stop moving

2. Time Man
time-man time-man

Time Man is my second best robot in the battle that can break speed down. He is weak to Electric or Nature that can knock him easily. Also he can use Bright Burst to decrease defense down. Once users damage him, he will go down with his eyes closed and his clock broken

3. Proto Man
proto-man proto-man

Proto Man is my third best robot in the battle that can combine Rhythm Satellite and Rain Flush. However he is weak to Explode and Impact that can kill him like Danger Bomb. Also he can heal himself if his energy level is low. After taking Proto Man damage, then he will be defeated with his buster to hold himself so sadly. But he can knocked out easily if he use Danger Bomb to kill robots

4. Bass and Rhythm
bass bass rhythm rhythm
bass rhythm

Bass and Rhythm is my fourth best robots in the battle that can do different attacks (e.g. Bass using Jewel Satellite) but however they have different weaknesses: Bass was weak to Flame or Shadow and Rhythm was weak to Laser or Crystal that can harm them. Also they can boost themselves using Energy Boost

5. Crash Man and Bubble Man
crash-man crash-man bubble-man bubble-man
crash-man bubble-man

Crash Man and Bubble man is my last best robots in the battle can do different attacks just like Bass and Rhythm does. But they have different weaknesses: Crash Man is weak against to Wind or Shield and Bubble Man is weak to Cutter or Electric that can damage them

Why did I fight this? Well I was good at fighting =). I'm the only one that I can use Rain Flush and Rhythm Satellite. I will not bully Shiver ever again =(
Fight me anytime as you want to, everyone

Things that makes me happy and not getting angry

*Shiver's Happiness
*Good Players that makes me happy still
*Nagasaki's Robots and Profile Data
*MegaBossMan's Profile Data
*Beating the bad players
*Beta Man's Robots is tougher
*My good strategy way
Did you know?

Also i'm the Hardest Player in this game just like Dragon City what I battle at. I'm the only one is the great fighter in Mega Man RPG Prototype. I'm based off of Nightcap's Boss Fight from Plants vs Zombies Heroes when I use Rain Flush and Rhythm Satellite attack is similar to Storm Front. I'm 2x of fighting robots like a Nightcap and 3x of using combine attack like a Thunderstorm. But I really don't like dealing of consequences because if anyone is doing it that means it make me upset
Trivia Time

•I'm also good at playing Minecraft and finding Null in my world

•Along with MegaBossMan, I really don't like to deal with all of the consequences because it make me little bit of sad so I can get upset easily if there are too many bad behaviours in the community. Also it can cause me to cry in my room so many times if that angry emoji is here '>:(' it broken my heart so sadly

•My name display is Alicia Solar Flare because I like my name display
*To think about my name display, the name 'Alicia', my favorite name, and the plant hero name 'Solar Flare', come from PvZ Heroes that means it's very good name display for me :) What happened if I change my name display something else instead of Alicia Solar Flare? I also like PvZ Heroes because it has good names of Plant Heroes like Nightcap or Green Shadow. Plus I like other names of Cuphead or Minecraft

*Example of changing my display name

-Alicia Nightcap

-Alicia Chompzilla

-Alicia Combustible

-Alicia Shadow

-Alicia Rose

-Alicia Knuckles

-Alicia Spudow

-Alicia Wall-Knight

-Alicia Matchstick

-Alicia King Dice

-Alicia Entity 303

-Alicia Null

-Alicia Herobrine

•I can beat every dragon in Dragon City. I owned High Tidal, Blade dragon and even more. I'm good at beat every player's dragons

•Every time, I can drawing Mega Man character sprites like that :D
War Man
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