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This thread is a repost of an excerpt from this news update. This section was re-posted for organizational purposes and more focused discussion going forward.

Even though updates to the prototype have been few and far between, I am still very much committed to bringing my vision of a browser-based Mega Man RPG to fruition. A new version of the prototype has been in development for the last two years and it has been working under the new title "Mega Man RPG World". The change from "prototype" to "world" represents many things, not the least of which being the expanded scope of the new project.

This new world will be a reboot of original game engine and even though it will share many of the assets, story elements, and mechanics of the prototype, it will be maintained and updated as completely separate entity from today onward. The prototype everyone is currently playing will not be taken offline and will occasionally receive small updates or patches, but once the new game is complete and online then prototype sign-ups will be closed and the game will transition into read-only legacy mode. Legacy users will be able to import some progress into the new game and may be eligible for other bonuses, but for all intents and purposes they will start fresh like everyone else.

Due to the nature of the prototype's development, my involvement was crucial in implementing almost any kind of growth or change to the game's mechanics or content. I did not design the system with a proper back-end nor a way for others on the team to make updates, and as a result the frequency of new stuff to do and see was been very low. This is, in my opinion, one of the largest failings of the prototype and I am finally fixing it in the new version of the game. I am programming a complete admin panel for myself and the other members of the team so that we may easily add, edit, and/or remove content with ease and at any time. Most of this panel is already complete and has been used by MegaBossMan and myself to add and update robot sprites in the new game. It's really quite amazing to behold and play around with.

The second biggest flaw with the prototype (that isn't any one specific mechanic or damage calculation) is the lack of user-generated content. As evidenced by the mix-and-match nature of prototype missions, it's clear that I'm a big fan of emergent complexity, and yet very little of what is in the prototype can be controlled or influenced by the user. Lots of smaller details are shuffled up to create each individual unique mission and giving player the ability to influence those details was something that I had always wanted but never got around to. Player battles were close but - as many have suggested in the past - a full-featured Mission Creator is the real dream. Mission structures in the new game are being programmed specifically with user-generated settings in mind, and allowing each player to be able to create their own "chapter" of customized event missions would be my ultimate goal. This and the above are just two examples of many, many changes coming to the new game and I'm so excited to be able to "start fresh" on this new project.

The new Mega Man RPG World is not done and I do not currently have an estimate of the release date, but the massive list of hopes and dreams for this new version of the project should keep me busy for a long time. For now, the Mega Man RPG Prototype will continue to live on as a preview for what's on the horizon and a reminder of how far we've already come.

Thank you all so much for playing and for continuing to frequent the forums and spread the word about the prototype. The overwhelming support from this community over the last 4+ years has been truly amazing and has given me the motivation to continue the dream. THANK YOU!
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Adrian Edit: This thread is super outdated and no-longer represents an accurate version of what's going on behind the scenes. Plans have changed - drastically - so I'm locking this thread entirely.
Prototype Devroom : The Future of the Prototype
Posted by Ageman20XX on May 15th, 2016 at 10:49pm
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Posted on May 15th, 2016 at 10:50pm Edited on 2016/05/15 at 10:56pm
Posted 2016/05/15 at 10:50pm Edited 2016/05/15 at 10:56pm
Please note that development of Mega Man RPG World is temporarily paused while I attempt to bring Mega Man RPG Prototype to a more stable and interesting state. Content and successful features tested in the World version of the game may be ported over during this process, so hopefully everyone enjoys the long overdue updates and new features. Thank you and please forgive my sometimes unpredictable development cycles. :P
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Posted on July 8th, 2016 at 1:44pm
Posted 2016/07/08 at 1:44pm
So your saying RPG World will be like a better RPG Prototype with a lot more content and such ? I'm a new player , just signed up a few days ago and this sounds like a real interesting project.
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Posted on August 11th, 2016 at 6:21pm
Posted 2016/08/11 at 6:21pm
I am looking forward to this new project of yours.

A estimated release date for this new game would be nice.

Keep up the good work!
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Posted on August 11th, 2016 at 8:45pm Edited on 2016/08/11 at 9:02pm
Posted 2016/08/11 at 8:45pm Edited 2016/08/11 at 9:02pm
@Capejedi : While I can't necessarily speak on behalf of Adrian, thank you for the anticipation towards the project! I would like to address the point of an estimated release date though, as even though I'm sure (a lot) of people have been waiting for the next major update, an estimated release date in general creates a deadline, which doesn't mix well with the inconsistent programming schedule that Prototype has, and that would lead to rushed projects which is no good. I understand a release date would help unimaginably towards the wait, but it does cause it's own problems with development. With all that being said, thank you for continuing to being patient, and thank you for playing and supporting the program in general!
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Posted on May 26th, 2018 at 5:10pm
Posted 2018/05/26 at 5:10pm
@Adrian Marceau : Is it still paused?
I know it has been two years but...
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you know
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Posted on May 27th, 2018 at 10:11pm
Posted 2018/05/27 at 10:11pm
@GammaGhost : I think it is, but don't worry we got PokeBox!
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Posted on May 31st, 2018 at 6:26pm
Posted 2018/05/31 at 6:26pm
when will the rest of the robot masters be unlockable?
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Posted on May 31st, 2018 at 6:47pm
Posted 2018/05/31 at 6:47pm
@Niwashiking5 : There is no indication of when, there is a lot of work to do for that to happen. So it's going to be a LONG time before that happens. So please be patient with this project, because I wouldn't doubt that it was hard work to get it to this point, and that it'll be a lot more hard work (and again, a LONG time) for this game to be "complete".
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