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Even more moveset makers BlazBlue Edition

August 19th, 2018 at 2:30pm
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That's right baby after seeing it wasn't locked like i asked i am going to revive this and no one is gonna understand BUT i am gonna make things simpler so people can i think they will understand

Gimmick: (in BlazBlue the D button does a special attack using a exclusive gimmick from the character)


A: (light attack)
Forward A:
Down A:
Jumping A:

B : (medium attack)
Forward B:
Down B:
Jumping B:

C: (strong attack)
Forward C:
Down C:
Down-forward C: (sweep)
Jumping C:

D: (gimmick attack)
Forward D:
Down D:
Jumping D:

Crush Trigger: (fancy word for guard breaker move)


Specials (normaly i would ask for the command of the move but to make things simpler this is not necessary)

Special 1:
Special 2:
Special 3:

Distortion Drive (distortions are the fancy word that BlazBlue uses for supers) (same thing for specials)

Distortion 1:
Distortion 2:
Distortion 3:

Overdrive: (overdrive is a transformation that when you use it , it enhaces all your distortions)

Overdrive super 1:
Overdrive super 2:
Overdrive super 3:

Exceed: (move that uses the entire overdrive gauge)

Astral Finish: (astral is the fancy word for final smash the difference is that it's an insta kill)

Optional part

Victory quotes (changes for every character)
Victory quote 1:
Victory quote 2:
Victory quote 3:

Theme: (i don't know ? if you want to put one)

Arcade story: (if you REALY want it)
Even more moveset makers BlazBlue Edition
Posted by Copyie on August 19th, 2018 at 2:30pm
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7,378,235 BP
7 TP | 169 PP
Posted on August 25th, 2018 at 12:43pm Edited on 2019/04/08 at 6:18pm
Posted 2018/08/25 at 12:43pm Edited 2019/04/08 at 6:18pm
So as an example i will use my bad OC

Name: Copyie (self insert version)
Gimmick: Copying

A: Punch
Forward A: Hook
Down A: Crounching Punch
Jumping A: Jumping Punch

B: Kick
Forward B: Jumps forward and punches
Down B: Crounching kick
Jumping B: Jumping kick

C: Flame Sword
Forward C: Roundhouse kick
Down C: Ice Slasher
Down-forward C: Crounching Flame Sword
Jumping C: Jumping diagonal Scramble Thunder

D: Copy the opponent neutral D ([s]i know what you are thinking[/s)
Forward D: Copy the opponent forward D
Down D: Copy the opponent down D
Jumping D: Copy the opponent jumping D

Crush Trigger: Pile Driver

Grab: Grabs the opponent puts a Crash Bomber throws them and shoots a buster shot to explode the bomb

Special 1: Iron Cutter (uses Hard Knuckle and Rolling Cutter to launch a cutting punch
Special 2: Astro Heavy Uppercut (uses Hard Knuckle and Astro Crush to do a uppercut)
Special 3: Burning Slash (uses Flame Sword and Top Spin to do a spinning sword slash that goes forward)
Special 4: Consecutive Freezing Claw (uses Ice Slasher and Slash Claw and does consecutive slashes)
Special 5: Copy Shot (copy a random special from the opponent)

Distortion 1: Burning Finger (uses Atomic Fire and Pile Driver to grab the opponent and throws them)
Distortion 2: Giga Drill Breaker (uses Spread Drill and Drill Blitz to shoot many drills then pierces the opponent with a bigger drill on Copyie's hand)
Distortion 3: Shine Spark (Copyie charges Pharaoh Shot and Solar Blaze on his body and dashes towards the opponent )

Overdrive: The one to win is the one with the most courage (Copyie shouts the name of his overdrive and starts glowing green which makes his attacks stronger and faster

Overdrive super 1: Burning Finger - Heat End (uses Atomic Fire and Pile Driver to grab the opponent and makes them explode)
Overdrive super 2: Super Galaxy Giga Drill Breaker (crosses his arms and uses Spread Drill , Drill Blitz and Star Crash to shoot many drills and stars then pierces the opponent with a gigantic drill on Copyie's hand)
Overdrive super 3: Shine Spark - Stoner Sunshine (Copyie charges Pharaoh Shot and Solar Blaze on his body and dashes towards the opponent then throws a gigantic ball of flame on the opponent)

Exceed: Hell and Heaven (uses Thunder Beam and Noise Crush on his hands puts them together and hits the opponent with a dashing strike with them)

Astral Finish: Chaos Blaster (Copyie comboes the opponent then uses all his weapons shooting a gigantic laser)

Taunt: Copyie says points upwards and says "just who the heck do you think i am

Theme: Heats

(i would put victory quotes but i want to see who elses adds something in here so that will probably be a update)
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Posted on April 9th, 2019 at 3:06am Edited on 2019/04/09 at 3:08am
Posted 2019/04/09 at 3:06am Edited 2019/04/09 at 3:08am
@Copyie : There's no point of deleting a post unless it is necessary
Or your trying to catch people's attention and I may contribute soon
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