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Mega Man Smash Alts REVIVAL {New Sprites!}

November 10th, 2019 at 2:36am
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Hello and this is a Revival of my Mega Man Smash Alts! Here are some new Ideas for Skins in Smash, maybe even use it here!

DLN.001 - Mega Man mega-man

Neutral: Blue mega-man - Classic Mega
Alt 1: Red - When Rush Items are Used
Alt 2: Green - When Tango is Used
Alt 3: Yellow Spots - American (MM1)/BBA
Alt 4: Silver - European (MM2)
Alt 5: B&W - Gameboy Version
Alt 6: Purple Scarf - The Faker from PU
Alt 7 (Needs Permission): Dark Soul mega-man-ds - Dark Soul Bosses

DLN.002 - Roll roll

Neutral: Redish roll - The First Design seen
Alt 1: Blue roll - Being your Brother eh?
Alt 2: Bow + Red roll - Since Mega Man 7
Alt 3: Mobile roll - I’ve seen this in MM8BDM...
Alt 4: Longer Hair roll - Roll Chan
Alt 5: B&W roll - Gameboy Version
Alt 6: New Dress roll - Since Mega Man 8
Alt 7 (Needs Permission): Darkness roll - The Unaccessible Alt only seen in Dr. Cossack’s Chapter 3

DLN.003 - Cut Man cut-man

Neutral: Redish & White cut-man - Normal 8-bit Design
Alt 1: Purple cut-man - Rock Man Claw Recolour
Alt 2: Grey cut-man - His Weapon used by Mega Man
Alt 3: Brown cut-man - His Weakness
Alt 4: B&W cut-man - Gameboy Version
Alt 5: Orange cut-man - Never used Design
Alt 6: Red & Brownish cut-man - Cut Man's Shading in Powered Up
Alt 7 (Needs Permission): Darkness cut-man - Darkness Alts
Mega Man Smash Alts REVIVAL {New Sprites!}
Posted by Soren on November 10th, 2019 at 2:36am
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Posted on November 11th, 2019 at 12:59pm Edited on 2019/11/11 at 1:20pm
Posted 2019/11/11 at 12:59pm Edited 2019/11/11 at 1:20pm
Blue Crash Man is Reference to Rock Man No Constancy
Here's the color:
Blue Guts Man is Reference to Rock Man Claw
Blue Bomb Man is Reference to Rock Man Claw
Blue Elec Man is Reference to Rock Man Claw
Blue Quick Man is Reference to Rock Man 2 Claw
Here's the color:
Blue Top Man is Reference to Rock Man 3 Claw
Here's the color:
and Blue Spark Man is Reference to Rock Man 3 Claw
Here's the color:
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Posted on December 24th, 2019 at 11:11am
Posted 2019/12/24 at 11:11am
Not trying to flex or self-sponsor myself but you can do this in another thread + making a moveset if you wanted to too
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Posted on January 14th, 2020 at 7:08pm Edited on 2020/02/14 at 12:13pm
Posted 2020/01/14 at 7:08pm Edited 2020/02/14 at 12:13pm
Sorry for taking so long for another Update as this "Stupid" Bug with /n is getting annoying but I found a way to solve this! You need to do what it did before... BUNCHED UP. So yeah you need to do this in order to NOT WASTE TIME ON DELETING THE /N'S


disco rhythm mega-man proto-man bass
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