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Hello again, and thanks for checking in! Continuing from where we left off in that other thread, we'll be posting all news, updates, and patches for the game in this thread over the new few months (Q2 of 2019). Let's get started, shall we?
2019 Game Update #14: Kill the Field Shop / Release the Robots

Hello and welcome to the month of Nature! As you can see, April's showers have ended and May's flowers have started to bloom in the form of a new Rogue Star! Though it may take another week or so for a new robot to appear, a handful of other small but nonetheless impactful updates have been made to the game's campaign in the meantime. Most of these changes cater to newer players but veterans may find some of these changes interesting as well;

- Kalinka's Field Shop has been removed entirely, you do not need to buy fields any more
- User's are no-longer awarded BP for unlocked fields because that's not a thing any more
- Relevant fields are unlocked for use in the Player Editor as soon as the robot is unlocked
- Relevant fields are unlocked for use in the Profile Editor as soon as the robot is unlocked
- MM1,MM2,MM4, and MM3 fields will all appear in the Star Fields chapter automatically now

- Kalinka now unlocks the "Legacy Codes" first, "Dress Codes" after (order was swapped)
- "Legacy Codes" were renamed to "Master Codes" and now grant to access the Robot Shop
- All unlockable robots can now be encountered and unlocked via the Star Fields chapter
- The Robot Shop now requires scanning and defeating the target if you want to purchase
- All unlocked robots from MM1-11 will now appear in the Robot Shop in case you missed them
- (Users can now decide; unlock robots w/ Neutral for free or pay zenny for easier shop option)
- If a Star Field mission has unlockable robots inside, the star will visibly shake on-screen

- Tweaked post-game text slightly to show which bonus chapters were unlocked
- The "Player Battles" bonus chapter is now unlocked in the post-game via the Light Program
- The "Challenge Mode" bonus chapter is now unlocked in the post-game via the Wily Program
- The "Star Fields" bonus chapter is now unlocked in the post-game via the Cossack Program

- Air Twister buffed with higher damage + accuracy, added Target Module support, fixed WE bug
- Tweaked Copy Soul so it will not change the user's core type, only generate if no held item

And that's it for today! I hope these changes help to make the game more interesting and accessible for both newer players and veterans alike, and please look forward to another update next week! Will it be a new robot to go with our Nature-type Rogue Star in orbit or will it be something else entirely? Stay tuned, enjoy, and thanks for playing!
2019 Nature Rogue Star Robot Master Release #1: Fun-in-the-Sun Solar Workout Rerun

The Titanic Fireball Robot from Mega Man 10, Solar Man, becomes playable starting TODAY! With an excess of chlorophyll-based energy this month, Solar Man feels especially pumped on making gains, so pumped in fact that he's become fixated on making his 'Solar Workout' program known worldwide! It's a sturdy regiment, but give him a neutral attack-centered workout and he'll be sure to abandon his program faster than a keto diet! Along with his alts, Solar Man also brings with him the Solar Blaze ability; this dual-core Flame / Explode move will sit and absorb damage once fired, and then gloriously combust at the end of the turn! He'll be available for the rest of the month, so log on in and let this fitness freak know the true meaning of "Sun's out, guns out." And stick around to see what other Robot Masters may show up now that the sun's out in full force!
2019 Game Update #15: Put That Item Away!

In the lead-up to the next Nature-type robot master, a few other miscellaneous tweaks have been made to the game. Let's go over them below:

- Several pinned #bug-reports from the Discord channel have been fixed, mostly regarding how enemy robots target the player
- Fixed a pretty major bug regarding starforce and bonus stats of target robots in Star Field missions (especially during a Rogue Star)
- Added (very) simple idle animations to shop keeper and player editor sprites, simply loops between two frames for some motion
- The Mecha Support ability has been buffed; the summoned mecha now copies the summoner's stats, compatible abilities, and auto-attacks at the end of the turn
- Updated boost/break/swap abilities so that mechas are able to use them on allies (just like support robots Roll, Disco, Rhythm)
- Converted Gravity Hold from a robot attachment to a field attachment so it stays in-place after certain switch moves
- A new button has been added to the in-battle "Item" menu that allows the active robot to return/add their held item to the inventory (works well with Copy Soul!)
- Added a star-rating to the end of battles, tweaked battle-complete printout and markup, adjusted calculations a bit too (star-rating is just for fun, no actual effect)

That's it for now, but you can look forward to new robot some time tomorrow! Have fun!
2019 Nature Rogue Star Robot Master Release #2: Hornet's Animal Kingdom

The Flower Pollination Robot from Mega Man 9, Hornet Man, buzzes in! With a calvary of rabid hornets and Robot Masters at his side, Hornet Man's reclaimed the wilds in order to create a perfect polli-nation! The only pesticide that will work in this scenario will be neutral-based attacks, and once you've done so, Hornet Man and his hive will tone down their killer bee antics and become available for the player to use in battle! Along with a full set of dazzling alts, you'll also gain access to the Hornet Chaser ability; if you defeat your opponent with this Nature / Missile attack, you'll completely steal the item they're holding onto! And if it's a consumable, the active robot will receive its benefits immediately! Hornet Man will be available for the entire duration of the Nature Rogue Star month, so go take on his 'Animal Kingdom' Challenge and keep his colony from collapsing foolheartedly! And keep an eye out for when the last Nature Rogue Star robot blooms!
2019 Game Update #16: Introducing the Challenge Board

As many of you have already noticed, a new feature has been added to the game regarding challenge missions and their rewards.

Previously, only the three most recent challenge missions would be available at a time and they would appear automatically in your mission select menu. If you were unfortunate enough to miss a challenge, you'd be out of luck and unable to access it going forward. Additionally, even if you were able to access the challenge in time, there was no real need or incentive to complete it. Once you unlocked the robot master inside, you could pretty much ignore the mission going forward. Lastly, because these exclusive robot masters would eventually appear in the shop, with a little patience you could avoid the challenge all-together and be no worse for wear.

Going forward, a lot of that has changed. First and foremost, a new section has been added to the Player Editor called the "Challenge Board". This new section (available post-game as long as you have the Wily Program) allows you to select any three challenge missions (yes, even old ones) and assign them per doctor, allowing up to 9 challenge missions to be accessed at once. All new challenges will be released this way going forward, so be sure to check your Player Editor whenever a new one drops. Now, why would you want to access old challenges if the robot masters are already in the shop? The answer is Battle Points.

Your challenge mission victories are now graded based on how many robots and turns you used vs how many turns and robots were allowed, and then you're awarded BP for your efforts. Didn't get a good enough score? Try again and again until you're satisfied with your rank - only your highest rank/points will be counted toward your current leaderboard position. Victories are ranked from S, A, B all the way to down to F and these grades are just a rough estimation of your overall performance in the mission. For some missions, an S-rank is simply not possible (yet), while in others it might be super easy. It's up to you - the players - to see how far you can push each mission.

If you're ever curious about how well you or another player did on certain challenge missions, check the points section of your/their leaderboard profile and hover over the mission's name - you'll be presented with the user's rank, robots, and turns used to complete that mission.

Share, compared, and discuss - who knows what strategies will be born of this new feature? Either way, let us know your thoughts here or in our Discord channel, and thanks for playing!
2019 Nature Rogue Star Robot Master Release #3: Plant Man's Secret Garden

The Flora Analysis Robot from Mega Man 6, Plant Man, takes root! With the enchanting weather stemming from the Nature Rogue Star, Plant Man’s holding a lovely garden party for him and his closest friends, but he didn’t count on you crashing it! …. That’s rather rude, but regardless, defeating Plant Man with only neutral-based attacks will let him spend his leisure as a member of your team of Robot Masters! Plant Man comes with a set of new floral alts, as well as his signature Plant Barrier ability; this attack raises a defensive shield of petals that not only withstands damage, but continually heals the user after every turn! Plant Man completes the set of environmentally-friendly Robot Masters, which in previous weeks featured Solar Man and Hornet Man, so go green and give them a trimming they won’t forget!
2019 Crystal Rogue Star Robot Master Release: We Are the Crystal Gemstones

The Gemstone Counterfeiting Robot from Mega Man 5, Crystal Man, outshines the competition! In a new Challenge, an eclectic group of invading gemstone-based robots challenge Earth for its resources, and it’s up to you to quell this group’s commander by defeating him with only Neutral moves! Crystal Man comes with not just one, but TWO new abilities: Crystal Eye finds the weaknesses of an opponent’s soul to always strike for super-effective damage (splitting off to hit benched foes too), while Crystal Mind enables the user to enter a zen-like state and raise all their stats in a single turn! Crystal Man is the last Crystal Robot Master to join the cast, but guess again if you thought that was it for abilities…

Not only did Crystal Man foresee his own abilities, but he predicted new moves for his accompanying companions, Jewel Man and Gemini Man, as well! Jewel Man’s new move ‘Jewel Polish’ buffs him or an ally so well that any negative stat changes and field hazards are completely removed from the afflicted! And in one of our most outlandish abilities yet, Gemini Man’s signature ‘Gemini Clone’ attack allows the user to DUPLICATE themselves, allowing them to attack twice in a single turn given they have the Weapon Energy for it! With these updates, the sheer fundamentals of Crystal-cores have been completely renovated and refurbished; give it a shot today by defeating Crystal Man in his signature Challenge and by breaking his phony prophecies -- and his spirits too, while you’re at it.
2019 Game Update #17: Marathon the New Endless Attack Mode (Beta)

Say hello to the new Endless Attack Mode - an endless, procedurally generated mission where the goal is to see how far you get before all your robots are disabled or you quit. With each new victory, the opposing team will gradually grow in strength, inventory, and numbers -- get far enough along and they might even surpass their regular leveling limitations! Meanwhile, your own robots will begin to tire in strength as they tire in life and weapon energy, so ensuring you've brought the proper equipment and abilities to continue your pace is key. Also, please take notice that this new mode is currently labeled as a beta: beyond the zenny you earn playing, any progress and records you've made will most likely be reset as we continue to iron out any kinks or issues in testing the new Endless Attack mode. That being said, beta testing is a collective effort, so it's massively important you let us know about any thoughts and qualms you have, whether it be gameplay or bugs-wise, so that they can potentially be addressed for our final version! To play the new Endless Attack mode, simply log into your game, take a look at the Challenge Mode tab, and click on the new Infinity button demonstrated on the screenshots above to get started. Remember to post your feedback below, and do your best in achieving your personal record!
To keep up with updates as they happen, please take a glance at our Github commits page from time to time; we can't necessarily update everyone about every change, but every change is indeed labeled in this log for you to stay updated on.

...more to come?
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