Attention! This is a legacy build of the Mega Man RPG from 2019 and is no longer being maintained. Reported bugs will not be fixed and any progress made here will not be saved. Return to the archive index for more legacy content or play the current version of the game for all the new stuff.

Mega Man RPG Prototype Credits & Contributors

Credits Overview

The Mega Man RPG Prototype was created and is continually developed and maintained by Adrian Marceau / Ageman20XX, though the project would not have been possible without a great deal of inspiration and contributions from multiple outside sources. Being a Mega Man fan-game, this project obviously owes most of it's thanks to Capcom and of course, Keiji Inafune. Most of the assets used throughout this website and game were created by Capcom for use in the original games, so their role in this project is far from minor and greatly influential. In addition, their generally positive attitude about fan-games and other types of fan-tribute have been very admirable over the years, and both this game and the Mega Man community owe them much gratitude.

Capcom are not the only ones to thank, however, as many others have contributed to this project over the years. Though most of the actual design and development has been done by Adrian thus far, hours of play-testing, tons of feature ideas, mechanics discussions, and even additional sprite editing has been provided by talented and generous outside sources over the years. New members are being added to the team all the time, and even the smallest amount of effort is appreciated. If you would like to help with sprite editing, bug testing, feature ideas, or anything please contact me and we'll discuss the details. You'll be credited appropriately on this page, with a link back to your home page and a custom description if you want them.

Contributors Index

Ageman20XX / AdrianMarceau
Title : Game Developer
Credits : Website Design / Development, Game Engine Programming, Player / Robot / Ability Sprites & Edits, Field Backgrounds, more...
Tenure : 8 Years, 10 Months (January 2012 to November 2020)
Adrian is the mastermind behind the prototype's concept and as the lead developer, artist, and programmer for the entire project he has been pouring his heart and soul into it since early 2006 (though not publicly until 2011). In addition to programming the entire game and battle engines from scratch (in PHP, no less!) Adrian was also responsible for a great deal of sprite editing and content creation in addition to the hours and hours of fine-tuning and balancing stats, weaknesses, and abilities for all the robots that appear in the game*. Adrian will continue to have a huge influence over this project and contribute most of the source code and assets himself, but is incredibly grateful for all the amazing contributors that have come forth and joined the project over the last few years. Thank you so much everyone! XD
MegaBossMan / milansaponja
Title : Website Administrator
Credits : Chat and Community Moderator, Robot Development, Feature Ideas and Discussion / Game Testing / Bug Tracking
Tenure : 7 Years, 2 Months (September 2013 to November 2020)
If Adrian is the grand mastermind of Prototype, then, MegaBossMan has easily become his top stooge. Joining in September of 2013, he had quickly become one of our most active members, eventually being promoted to the role of Moderator, and afterwards to herald the position of Administrator. Since Adrian promoted him, MegaBossMan grew from a staff member who had talent at giving the RM's witty banters and bios, to being the #2 guy on the site with credits in pretty much all things Robot Master-related; from their bios to their banter, from their looks to their moves, MegaBossMan's credits and efforts towards making Robot Masters act as good as they look are too many to name. Needless to say, Prototype wouldn't be where it is now without all his help! ^_^
Rhythm / Rhythm_BCA
Title : Content Contributor
Credits : Chat and Community Moderator / Game Testing / Bug Tracking, Feature Ideas and Discussion, Various Character Sprites and Updates, Alternate Costumes
Tenure : 6 Years, 7 Months (January 2014 to August 2020)
Rhythm_BCA joined the community in January of 2014 after being shown the game from CHAOS_FANTAZY. Through conversations with Adrian, Rhythm_BCA has given suggestions and thoughts on some of the visual aspects of MMRPG and overall improvement. Since then, he's also gone on to become one of our most prominent moderators in the chat and community. Interestingly enough, Rhythm_BCA has his own Mega Man character named Rhythm that also happens to be green, albeit with an entirely different design and concept. Rhythm_BCA has contributed the sheets for Bass, Roll, Disco, Rhythm, Kalinka, and all their altered apparels, not to mention his continued work on providing the sheets for the recently debuted Mega Man 11 robots. Your work has been absolutely invaluable, Rhythm; the visual aspects of a game are intertwined with its vision and presentation, and you've presented this game so perfectly! Thank you!
MMX100 / EliteP1
Title : Content Contributor
Credits : Robot Master Sprites, Game Testing / Bug Tracking, Feature Ideas and Discussion
Tenure : 7 Years (January 2013 to January 2020)
MMX100 joined the project in January 2013 and contributed sprite sheets for all the robot masters of MM3 as well as several others from MM5, MM6, MM7, MM9, MM10 and one of the MKN series robots from RM World. Check the Robot Database for information about the Mega Man 3 robots, or complete the prototype to encounter and fight them in battle! Thank you so much for your efforts, MMX100 - your hard work has really paid off, and the robots look great! I look forward to many more contributions from you in the future. :)
Title : Content Contributor
Credits : Game Testing / Bug Tracking, Feature Ideas and Discussion, Base Stat Balancing
Tenure : 3 Years, 4 Months (January 2013 to May 2016)
Brorman joined the team in January 2013, and has since been contributing an incredible amount of time and effort bug testing and reporting (with images!), mechanic testing, stat testing, and basically trying to find any way to "break" or exploit the game (and that's good!) so that I can fix it or (sometimes) turn it into a feature! Brorman has also taken the time to research all the MM3, MM4, and MM5 robots and come up with unique base-stats for each of them (which was and is hugely appreciated!) and he will likely be contributing stats for many other robot masters as well. The stats not final and may change slight for the final release as we test and revise, but for right now they're amazing and we're so thankful for all your assistance! Brorman has been a real pleasure to work with and will continue to provide excellent feedback and content to help this project reach completion. ^_^
Title : Content Contributor
Credits : Game Testing / Bug Tracking, Feature Ideas and Discussion, Robot Quotes and Classes, Mecha Bios
Tenure : 3 Years, 1 Months (April 2013 to May 2016)
Spinstrike joined the team in August 2013 in response to a request for help coming up with quotes for all the robots. While the original 16 robots were done by Adrian, a great deal of the MM3 quotes and onward are thanks to Spinstrike. He's done a great job in giving unique personalities to all the robots and I'm very, very grateful for all his help. Thank you!!! :D
Title : Content Contributor
Credits : Game Testing / Bug Tracking, Feature Ideas and Discussion, Robot Master Sprites
Tenure : 2 Years (January 2013 to January 2015)
MetalMan joined the project in January 2013 and is contributing sprite sheets for all the robot masters of MM4 as well as several others from MM5, MM6, MM7, and two of the MKN series robots. Thanks to MetalMan's hard work and dedication, many of the robots masters are already done and more are in progress! Check the Robot Database for the sprites completed so far, or play the prototype to fight them in battle yourself! Thank you MetalMan - your robot masters look great and I love the personality you give to your creations! I can't wait to finish adding them to the game so everyone else can appreciate them too. :P
Brash Buster
Title : Member
Credits : Miscellaneous Contributions
Tenure : 2 Years, 7 Months (March 2018 to November 2020)
Brash Buster joined the prototype on March 27th, 2018 and has since become a contributor.
The Zion / maistir1234
Title : Member
Credits : Miscellaneous Contributions
Tenure : 5 Years, 2 Months (January 2015 to April 2020)
The Zion joined our staff in January of 2015, contributing the works of the magnificent Tomahawk Man and the ferocious Slash Man! Thanks to his determination and willingness to find opportunities to assist the staff in development, these Robot Masters were fully able to be realized and made a reality in-game. Though his tenure here was sadly short-lived, we nonetheless thank you for your marvelous contributions and volunteer efforts to lighten the load for the remainder of the staff! ^_^

Other Contributors

TheLegendOfRenegade | Contributor | Mega Man Sega Genesis Remixes | YouTube | Patreon

Video game remixer TheLegendOfRenegade is responsible for all music and sound effects found in the Mega Man RPG and graciously agreed to let us use his work way back in July 2013. All tracks come from his massive, multi-game-spanning Sega Genesis / MD Remix library of music and they each bring unique and much-appreciated flavour to the atmosphere of the RPG's soundtrack.

Renegade's robot master themes from Mega Man 1 - 10, Mega Man & Bass, and even Mega Man Powered Up are represented here as well as a few miscellaneous boss themes, menu themes, stage select themes, and even special stage themes from a range of classic titles. The overall level of quality and polish these remixes bring to our game is beyond words, and I am so, so grateful that we've been able to showcase them in the RPG for all these years.

TheLegendOfRenegade has done some truly great work, and I think I speak for everyone on the team when I say "thank you"! ^_^

Resources Index

Sprites Inc. | Resource | Official Sprites
The majority of the sprites that appear in this game were found on the number one Mega Man sprite resource - Sprites Inc. - and without the the website I'm sure many Mega Man fan-games would not have been possible. Even the custom sprites are based on those found on this website, and I cannot thank the creators and contributors enough for their efforts and the fantastic service they provide. I highly recommend the website for all your Mega Man sprite needs. :)

The Spriters Resource | Resource | Official Sprites
Miscellaneous other sprites that appear in this game have bits and pieces of sheets found on The Spriters Resource. While Sprites Inc. is the #1 shop for Mega Man series sprites, The Spriters Resource has virtually everything other game series covered. Another highly recommended site if what you're looking for can't be found at the above. Thank you to all the contributors of that site who inadvertently helped with the development of this game. :)

The Mega Man Knowledge Base | Resource | Official Names, Weaknesses, Quotes, Data, etc…
The Mega Man Knowledge Base is used as a constant reference for robot weaknesses, official names, artwork, quotes, and so much more. This is one of the best resources on the internet for official Mega Man data and without it this game would not have been possible. Thank you, Mega Man community, for this incredibly useful resource. :D | Resource | Media Conversion Tools
All MP3 tracks were converted to Firefox-compatible OGG files using this tool, and it has been incredibly helpful in easing the pain of cross-browser support. Their online audio conversion is very simple to use and is completely free. I am so happy that this tool exists and recommend it to anyone interested in HTML game development.

Honorable Mentions

CHAOS_FANTAZY | Legacy Story Planning, Forum Moderation

CHAOS_FANTAZY joined the community in January 2014 and was originally going to help write the general story and narrative for the game. Unfortunately, as the goals of our project changed and the narrative became less of a focus, CHAOS_FANTAZY decided to step back and go his own way. Either way, his contributions to our discussions were still appreciated and it was great having him around.

MegaBoyX7 | Chat Room Emoticons

MegaBoyX7 starting playing in November 2014 but didn't start contributing until April 2016 when he created a fantastic set of Mega Man themed icons for our chat room! Minor edits were implemented by myself and MegaBossMan, but the base sprites and the idea to change them came entirely from MegaBoyX7. Thank you!

PaRcoO | Game Testing / Bug Tracking, Game / Feature Ideas & Discussion

PaRcoO starting playing and contributing in December 2012 and has since offered a much assistance with bug tracking, feature ideas, and a great deal of time play-testing. We all appreciate your contributions very much - thank you! :)

ThatGuyNamedMikey | Outspoken Game Critic / Persistently Pedantic Patron

ThatGuyNamedMikey joined us in September 2014 and has been a frequent sight on the leaderboards, in the community, and around the various chat rooms since. Many know Mike as our most vocal advocate for game-balance and he is often the first to point out potential issues with features or ideas before they go too far. Mike was also responsible for creating our first chat room (Xat) and played a key role in our upgrading to a better platform (Ajax) when the time came. Mike has hosted countless tournaments, contests, and other events since joining the community and even served as a moderator for a time. His contributions are appreciated by many.

Shiver | Discord Chat Server Moderator

Shiver joined our community in September of 2016, attracting immediate prominence for toppling our leaderboards and providing a unique competitive viewpoint. Coupled with a no-nonsense attitude and an amiable presence, it was only a matter of time before Shiver was bestowed the responsibility of chat and community moderator, always keeping conversations within the proper channels and boundaries. Sadly, as does often happen in life, Shiver went on their separate way, eventually choosing to resign from the role of moderator. Regardless, their services and assistance as a moderator and player will certainly not be forgotten, and we wish them the best in their future efforts!

TheDoc | Community & Chat Server Moderator

TheDoc joined the community back in June 2013, being one of the early pioneers of MMRPG bug-testing and feedback assessments. Users who frequented the chat then would fondly remember TheDoc for his amusing demeanor, though when it came to game discussion, he could masterfully turn on a dime and cut precisely to the heart of an issue. It is of no surprise to anyone that TheDoc inevitably became a moderator, and in doing so still remained steadfast to always consider his peers and community first and foremost. It’s his involvement that continues to help shape our community today. Thank you Doc!

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