Attention! This is a legacy build of the Mega Man RPG from 2019 and is no longer being maintained. Reported bugs will not be fixed and any progress made here will not be saved. Return to the archive index for more legacy content or play the current version of the game for all the new stuff.

Mega Man RPG Prototype Type Database

Types Overview

Robots, abilities, and even locations in the Mega Man RPG Prototype are represented by and categorized into 20 different elemental types. These types play an important role in the game and have notable effects in and out of battle. Some types are more common than others, but all have their uses.

A robot's core type determines which abilities it can equip and its proficiency with those abilities in battle. Ability types can trigger the weaknesses, resistances, and even immunities of target robots to influence damage and recovery amounts in battle. Even fields have their own elemental affinities!

While many robots and abilities fall under one type it is not uncommon for a character or weapon to have a secondary element. Diverse type combos and matchups are at the heart of the Prototype and experimentation is highly encouraged.

  • Neutral
  • Cutter
  • Impact
  • Freeze
  • Explode
  • Flame
  • Electric
  • Time
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Swift
  • Nature
  • Missile
  • Crystal
  • Shadow
  • Space
  • Shield
  • Laser
  • Copy

Type Distributions

Given the importance of these elemental types, knowing their in-game distribution may be useful. The stats and values in the graphs below pull directly from the game's database and can be used as a reference when preparing for battle.

Robot Core Types 151 Robots Total
Robot Ability Types 217 Abilities Total
Robot Weaknesses
Robot Resistances
Robot Affiities
Robot Immunities

(!) Please note that the names, stats, types, and descriptions of any playable characters, robots, or abilities that appear in this database are not finalized and are subject to change without notice as development progresses on the game itself. That being said, the data on this page is pulled directly from the prototype's internal variables and will therefore always be in sync with the prototype itself. Database pages that do not have sprites represent incomplete but planned, future content and do not currently appear in-game.

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