Attention! This is a legacy build of the Mega Man RPG from 2017 and is no longer being maintained. Reported bugs will not be fixed and any progress made here will not be saved. Return to the archive index for more legacy content or play the current version of the game for all the new stuff.

About the Mega Man RPG Prototype


Prototype Overview

Guts Man

The Mega Man RPG Prototype is an ongoing fan-game project with the goal of creating a progress-saving, no-download, no-install, cross-platform, browser-based Mega Man RPG (or what some would call a PBBG) that combines the addictive collection and battle mechanics of the Pokémon series with the beloved robots and special weapons of the classic Mega Man series. Fight your way through more than fifty different robot masters in a turn-based battle system reminiscent of both play-by-post forum games and early 8-bit role-playing games.

Air Man

This game is written with a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP, and is completely DOM-based on the front-end (no <canvas> here, folks!). The game uses a great deal of assets from official Capcom games and is derivative in every sense of the word, but still has a lot of new ideas and content to offer including a considerable amount of custom sprite work for robots, abilities, players, and fields as well as clever mechanics, addictive gameplay, and fun new twists on the classic Mega Man formula.


Mechanics & Development

Crash Man

The rock-paper-scissors weakness cycle in the classic Mega Man series has striking similarities to the weakness/resistance cycle found in some RPGs and - specifically - Pokémon. The Mega Man RPG Prototype exploits this similarity in fun and interesting ways, allowing the player to take control of multiple robots outside of using the usual blue hero and battle through a gauntlet of Robot Master opponents, each with their own set of weaknesses, resistances, affinities, immunities, and abilities!

Bomb Man

The Mega Man RPG Prototype allows visitors to play the game as often or as infrequently as they desire, with the ability to create a personal save file and come back at a later date to resume their game. Save files can be loaded from any machine that has a capable, modern browser, and allows sharing of game progress across multiple desktop and mobile devices. Each robot has their own unique set of stats, strengths, weaknesses, and unlockable abilities, and with each robot's abilities being completely customizable the combinations are endless.

Flash Man

Though the game is fully playable in its current state, it is always in development and as such things are constantly changing. I apologize for bugs or confusion you may experience during this process, but we hope that you enjoy what we've created so far. Also, it never hurts to send us your feedback! Thank you so much for visiting this website and for playing our game - we look forward to seeing everyone on the Leaderboard!


External Links

Cut Man

Official Facebook Page
The official Facebook page for the prototype is primarily a mirror for the updates posted in the community, but special password and teaser screenshots are occasionally posted as well.

Official Wiki Page
The official Wiki page for the prototype on the Mega Man Knowledge Base, created by MegabossMan and maintained by myself and the community.

YouTube Walkthrough Videos
A playlist of official walkthrough videos by myself, created primarily to show new and potential players the flow of battle and one possible order for defeating the bosses.

YouTube Let's Play Videos
Any and all YouTube videos related to the game are collected in this super-playlist by myself, including Let's Plays, demo shots, and teasers.
Included videos from : Ageman20XX, BladeWolfe, EphNE, LizandRob, BroganGames, DerivedGod

Reddit Discussion Thread
A large discussion thread on Reddit with bug reports, answers to various questions, and development talk.
Follow up posts : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

PlutoLighthouse.NET Blog
Prior to building the News &s Updates section of the community, all development-related talk was posted to my blog on PlutoLighthouse.NET. Outdated but interesting information if you like dev-talk.

Crane & Dragon PBBG List
Crane & Dragon is a large directory of the best free Persistent Browser Based Games (PBBG's) on the web.

The MegaMan Network Thread
More discussion and development talk regarding the game. Not too much activity here, unfortunately.

Imgur Screenshots Album
Redundant since the local Gallery page was created, but still updated randomly.


(!) If you would like to contribute to this game with story ideas, sprites, stat balancing, bug testing, or anything else please contact me or post in our community and we can discuss the details. The robots, mechas, and fields for MM1, MM2, and MM4 are complete, robots from MM3, MM4, and several from other games are complete (but not their stages) and new stuff is being worked on all the time so our exact requirements are always changing. Whatever you end up working on, your work will be credited appropriately and all help is appreciated. :)

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