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Hi Proto-Players! After many suns, it seemed like he was gone forever but not just yet! It's MMX100 coming 'right back at ya' with the latest (I also literally mean LATEest) Dev post on spriting for the Mega Man RPG Prototype. How it's done and why it's done that way. Feel free to take notes if anything comes up useful as well.

MMRPG Visuals - Characters Archive:
Spark Man---link
Snake Man---link
Needle Man---link

So today's focus is all on Top Man, cause he's always on top of things... Or maybe not. Now this sheet is a step above Needle's due to not having double 'ORs' in the damage box but I did commit the crime for the 'Throw' sprite box. It is a step below however with all the messy unorganized text under the 'Throw' sprites.

Base 1-2: Have Top Man spin around in place? Why not? He practically does the same thing in game.

Victory: Top Man giving you a thumbs up with all the confidence he can muster. "You were on TOP of this fight!" Would probably be what he's saying at this moment.

Offline/Defeat: Top Man is mostly in constant movement. Speed makes up a part of his life, so what if we take it away from him? We leave him as a sad faced man. He ain't at the top anymore. He's down in the pits with this sprite.

Throw: Ah yes, this was during the time I thought we could make exceptions and add extra sprites to specific actions. Going by the book (more like game in this scenario), I wanted the throw action to have the complete prep phase known here as the 'Before Throw' sprites. Then we have the two sprites in the orange square, which is your more conventional throw sprite.

Slide: This was before I knew I could make an alternate dash sprite if slide didn't look too good. Sure slide looks ok but for a guy with roller blades, a dash sprite would've been more appropriate.

Defend: "You can't see me."

Damage: Sorry for the number of damage sprites Top Man but you sure can make a bunch of funny faces.

Sorry but no random bonus sprite! But I promise there's one next time including a cool 'Summon' sprite and a super cool 'Defend' sprite that didn't make the cut cause... they were too cool. Until next time, keep cool in the shadows in these Summer months. Cya!
The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Top Man
Posted by MMX100 on July 21st, 2016 at 2:46am
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Posted on July 21st, 2016 at 3:21am
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Posted 2016/07/21 at 4:24pm
Ooooh, it's certainly interesting to see this series come back! Especially with all the extra sprites in there, it's always fun to see how goofy the damage sprites can be. Thank you MMX100!!!
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Posted on July 22nd, 2016 at 12:57am
Posted 2016/07/22 at 12:57am
@ Nice Ice & MegaBossMan -

Thanks for the comps guys, much appreciated.
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