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Mega Man RPG Prototype Boss Database

Enker's Mugshot

Shield Core

Shield Type
Mega Man : Dr. Wily's Revenge
Prototype Megaman Hunter
Final Destination
Cutter Explode

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Enker | Base Sprite Right
Enker | Base Sprite Left
Enker | Taunt Sprite Right
Enker | Taunt Sprite Left
Enker | Victory Sprite Right
Enker | Victory Sprite Left
Enker | Defeat Sprite Right
Enker | Defeat Sprite Left
Enker | Shoot Sprite Right
Enker | Shoot Sprite Left
Enker | Throw Sprite Right
Enker | Throw Sprite Left
Enker | Summon Sprite Right
Enker | Summon Sprite Left
Enker | Slide Sprite Right
Enker | Slide Sprite Left
Enker | Defend Sprite Right
Enker | Defend Sprite Left
Enker | Damage Sprite Right
Enker | Damage Sprite Left
Enker | Base2 Sprite Right
Enker | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by MetalMarioX100 / EliteP1 | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"I'm ready for you, fool!"
"Hit me with your best shot, I'll just bounce it right back!"
"Be true to yourself, Robot, and maybe you'll have a chance at beating me!"
"How can this be? My Mirror Buster is impenetrable!"

Description Text

Enker was created to scrap Mega Man, being the first in the Mega Man Killer series. Now this series does not just hunt Mega Man but any robot it sees as a threat. They are made to kill, and have great fighting skill. Their Mirror Buster is a buster in which any shot sent to them will be reflected back to the opponent. This series does show any compassion except on New Year's eve and believe in staying true to themselves. They also do not like foreign robots and enjoy Nabeyaki-Udon. They have a strong Japanese spirit and destroy any robot no matter what the cost.

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

2,052 Times
0 Times
1,829 Times
506 Times

(!) Please note that the names, stats, types, and descriptions of any playable characters, robots, or abilities that appear in this database are not finalized and are subject to change without notice as development progresses on the game itself. That being said, the data on this page is pulled directly from the prototype's internal variables and will therefore always be in sync with the prototype itself. Database pages that do not have sprites represent incomplete but planned, future content and do not currently appear in-game.

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