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Mega Man RPG Prototype Field Database

Mountain Mines's Avatar

Mountain Mines Impact Type

Mountain Mines
Impact Type
Mega Man
MM1 Guts Man (Sega Genesis)
Guts Man
Picket Man
Impact x 1.5 Explode x 1.1 Cutter x 0.6

Sprite Sheets


Sprite Editing by Adrian Marceau / Ageman20XX | Original Artwork by Capcom

Description Text

The Mountain Mines was Guts Man’s scheduled workplace, until Guts Man was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and came here not to work, but to destroy. The mountainous region seems to reinvigorate Impact robots, as does the explosives near-by to Explode Robots. Cutter Robots, however, seem to feel displeased here and don’t perform as well as they should. The Picket Men work constantly at the rocks, and they will attack any trespassers who come by. Hard Man likes to visit Guts Man often and they go to the Karaoke Bar to hang out, as long as work is done in the mines.
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