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Mega Man RPG Prototype Field Database

Reflection Chamber's Avatar

Reflection Chamber Crystal Type

Reflection Chamber
Crystal Type
Mega Man 3
MM3 Gemini Man (Sega Genesis)
Gemini Man
Nitron R Nitron B Nitron Y
Crystal x 1.5 Laser x 1.2 Explode x 0.5

Sprite Sheets


Sprite Editing by Adrian Marceau / Ageman20XX | Original Artwork by Capcom

Description Text

The Reflection Chamber was a large series of glaciers taken over by Gemini Man, but what was unique about these glaciers was the inside of the glaciers. Inside, the glaciers were entirely contained of an alien-like mineral, Magna Quartz. The Magna Quartz has a special quality that gives power to Crystal and Laser attacks, but weakens Shadow and Explode attacks. Three different types of Nitrons guard the Magna Quartz, attacking any who get near. Crystal Man has been seen attempting to break in and steal the Magna Quartz, but it seems he hasn’t had much luck.
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