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Mega Man RPG Prototype Field Database

Spinning Greenhouse's Avatar

Spinning Greenhouse Swift Type

Spinning Greenhouse
Swift Type
Mega Man 3
MM3 Top Man (Sega Genesis)
Top Man
Spin Fiend
Swift x 1.5 Flame x 1.2 Electric x 0.8

Sprite Sheets


Sprite Editing by Adrian Marceau / Ageman20XX | Original Artwork by Capcom

Description Text

The Spinning Greenhouse was built on the belief that plant-life would benefit if constantly spun, thus catching all angles of sunlight(which was perfect for the spin-happy Top Man.) Due to all the spinning around here, Swift attacks are harder to out-run, but Shadow attacks will do less damage. All the grass around here can catch fire easily, boosting Flame attacks, but it also lowers Electrical power. The Spin Fiends, rebuilt Fan Fiends, guard the greenhouse, and despite the fact they attack with tops, they’re quite deadly. Charge Man likes to charge around here, trying to keep his balance and still move fast.
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