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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

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Aqua Man
Water Core

Aqua Man
Water Core
Mega Man 8
Water Spraying Robot
Waterfall Institute
Space Electric

Battle Quotes

"I'm Aqua Man, but my friends call me Handsome Guy!"
"You're going to be "washed up" soon! Heh, that was a good pun!"
"This is fantastic! Did everyone see that?!"
"Aye aye aye! Noooo!"

Description Text

While his blueprints intended for him to work in a waterworks bureau, Aqua Man was modified by Dr. Wily for combat, and his abilities were boosted further by the Evil Energy. He attacks with high-pressure streams of water, dealing heavy damage to his foes. However, his internal water tanks are vunerable to heavy-hitting attacks, so he generally likes to stay away from the fray of battle. His main weapon is the Water Balloon, a large sphere of water that he flings at his target to do some major-hitting damage. Aqua Man is a flamboyant Robot Master, using rainbows to spell his name in great glory, and shown in his general conversation. He's also mischievous and immature, squeezing terrible puns in any situation he can. He doesn't react well to serious situations, and prefers to stay away from those types of conversation if at all possible. He's also a bit bulky in terms of design, but he really doesn't care too much about that. Aqua Man, despite how he seems, isn't exactly the opponent you want to underestimate! If you do, you'll be all washed up! Talk about a H2-Oh no!

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