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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Blade Man's Mugshot

Blade Man
Cutter Core

Blade Man
Cutter Core
Mega Man 10
Sword Sparring Robot
Missile Earth

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Blade Man | Base Sprite Right
Blade Man | Base Sprite Left
Blade Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Blade Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Blade Man | Victory Sprite Right
Blade Man | Victory Sprite Left
Blade Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Blade Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Blade Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Blade Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Blade Man | Throw Sprite Right
Blade Man | Throw Sprite Left
Blade Man | Summon Sprite Right
Blade Man | Summon Sprite Left
Blade Man | Slide Sprite Right
Blade Man | Slide Sprite Left
Blade Man | Defend Sprite Right
Blade Man | Defend Sprite Left
Blade Man | Damage Sprite Right
Blade Man | Damage Sprite Left
Blade Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Blade Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"En garde, Robot!"
"Parry! Thrust! Riposte!"
"Blades are a gentlemen's weapon, after all."
"Ack! Foiled again!"

Description Text

Blade Man was never a robot designed for chaos, he was instead made to guide people through an ancient castle, lost long to history. His creator had an obsession for swords, and created a robot after his own heart. However, when Sword Man caught ill of Roboenza, he was upgraded with the Triple Blade, where he slices his opponents with three miniature blades. He's also extremely agile and can hook on to walls, allowing him to traverse easily and defeat the opponent quickly. He has a rather encyclopedic knowledge about all types of close-ranged weapons and swords, and can talk on the subject for long periods of time. He also enjoys fencing and considers himself a gentlemen's sword, being the finest choice for anyone skilled in swordsmanship. He also happens to dislike all types of long-ranged weapons, including weapons like the Mega Busters, considering them foolhardy. While Blade Man retired from battle after the Roboenza event, he's still a fine weapon, and he'll always bring a sword to a gun-fight. Just don't expect him to lose!

Ability Compatibility

Level Up
Triple Blade IconTriple BladeStartCutter Type10 Damage90% Accuracy
Core Match
Rolling Cutter IconRolling Cutter Cutter Type6 Damage88% Accuracy Rising Cutter IconRising Cutter Cutter Type20 Damage100% Accuracy Ice Slasher IconIce Slasher Freeze / Cutter26 Damage96% Accuracy Metal Blade IconMetal Blade Cutter Type16 Damage86% Accuracy Metal Spike IconMetal Spike Cutter / Impact10 Damage90% Accuracy Quick Boomerang IconQuick Boomerang Swift / Cutter3 Damage80% Accuracy Crash Driller IconCrash Driller Explode / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Needle Cannon IconNeedle Cannon Cutter / Missile10 Damage88% Accuracy Shadow Blade IconShadow Blade Shadow / Cutter16 Damage90% Accuracy Ring Boomerang IconRing Boomerang Space / Cutter10 Damage100% Accuracy Gyro Attack IconGyro Attack Wind / Cutter20 Damage96% Accuracy Silver Tomahawk IconSilver Tomahawk Earth / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Yamato Spear IconYamato Spear Cutter Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Wild Coil IconWild Coil Impact / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Slash Claw IconSlash Claw Cutter Type10 Damage100% Accuracy Slash Beast IconSlash Beast Cutter / Nature20 Damage90% Accuracy Tengu Blade IconTengu Blade Wind / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Flame Sword IconFlame Sword Flame / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Wheel Cutter IconWheel Cutter Swift / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Screw Crusher IconScrew Crusher Cutter / Impact10 Damage90% Accuracy Cutter Shot IconCutter Shot Cutter Type10 Damage100% Accuracy Cutter Buster IconCutter Buster Cutter Type30 Damage100% Accuracy Cutter Overdrive IconCutter Overdrive Cutter Type100% Accuracy
Player Only
Buster Shot IconBuster Shot 12 Damage100% Accuracy Attack Boost IconAttack Boost 33% Recovery100% Accuracy Attack Break IconAttack Break 33% Damage98% Accuracy Attack Swap IconAttack Swap 100% Accuracy Attack Mode IconAttack Mode 30% D60% R100% Accuracy Defense Boost IconDefense Boost 33% Recovery100% Accuracy Defense Break IconDefense Break 33% Damage98% Accuracy Defense Swap IconDefense Swap 100% Accuracy Defense Mode IconDefense Mode 30% D60% R100% Accuracy Speed Boost IconSpeed Boost 33% Recovery100% Accuracy Speed Break IconSpeed Break 33% Damage98% Accuracy Speed Swap IconSpeed Swap 100% Accuracy Speed Mode IconSpeed Mode 30% D60% R100% Accuracy Energy Boost IconEnergy Boost 22% Recovery100% Accuracy Energy Break IconEnergy Break 22% Damage98% Accuracy Energy Swap IconEnergy Swap 100% Accuracy Energy Mode IconEnergy Mode 20% D60% R100% Accuracy Field Support IconField Support 100% Accuracy Mecha Support IconMecha Support 100% Accuracy Light Buster IconLight Buster 34 Damage100% Accuracy Wily Buster IconWily Buster 32 Damage96% Accuracy Cossack Buster IconCossack Buster 36 Damage98% Accuracy

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(!) Please note that the names, stats, types, and descriptions of any playable characters, robots, or abilities that appear in this database are not finalized and are subject to change without notice as development progresses on the game itself. That being said, the data on this page is pulled directly from the prototype's internal variables and will therefore always be in sync with the prototype itself. Database pages that do not have sprites represent incomplete but planned, future content and do not currently appear in-game.

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