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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

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Centaur Man
Time Core

Centaur Man
Time Core
Mega Man 6
Teleporting Half-Horse Robot
Impact Wind

Battle Quotes

"I've already bet that I would win this fight!"
"I'm running on pure horsepower!"
"Bet you didn't expect that one!"
"This fight took a lot out of me..."

Description Text

Perhaps the first Robot Master to not use the biped design, Centaur Man was created to be a tour guide for a museum in Greece. While he enjoyed his job, he couldn't enjoy the lousy tourists who couldn't seem to get the rule of "Don't touch anything." This is why when the First Annual Robot Tournament came up, he was overjoyed to compete with his weapon, Centaur Flash. Speaking of the Centaur Flash, it's similiar to the moves of past time types, but rather than stopping time, he creates a dimensional distortion that freezes anyone in his way. However, the drawback to this weapon is that it takes quite a bit of energy to use. Centaur Man is strong-willed and good at making decisions quickly. He also has a tendency to dwell on his past mistakes, which doesn't help since he's a heavy gambler. Due to the heavy drainage of his energy when using Centaur Flash, he has to use it at the best moments, which is a risky gamble for him.

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