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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Cloud Man's Mugshot

Cloud Man
Electric Core

Cloud Man
Electric Core
Mega Man 7
Hovering Cloud Robot
Explode Wind

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Cloud Man | Base Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Base Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Victory Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Victory Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Throw Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Throw Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Summon Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Summon Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Slide Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Slide Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Defend Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Defend Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Damage Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Damage Sprite Left
Cloud Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Cloud Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"The weather today is a bit windy...That's good luck for me!"
"This is exciting! All we're missing now is some rain!"
"Looks like I won by a breeze! Good for me!"
"I really should have stayed on the couch today...."

Description Text

While his blueprints originally intended for him to be a weather control robot, Wily stole him for the sole purpose of crushing Mega Man. However, some major modifications had to be done, removing his rainfall equipment and enhancing his lightning equipment. This led to the creation of his signature weapon, the Thunder Bolt, which can cause some incredibly intense damage. He can also cause an intense rainstorm to confuse the opponent, leaving them open to his attacks. An interesting fact about Cloud Man, but he has no legs: He just floats through the use of forming a cloud beneath him. He's a bit of an opprutunist, using loopholes to get to his goal first, which was partly the reason how Mega Man defeated him when they fought. He's also a bit of a prankster with his powers, crashing lightning to the ground to spook his teammates whenever he wants a good laugh. He likes collecting precious metals, but heavily dislikes having lightning rods near him. Cloud Man is most notably known for being a couch-potato as well, sometimes being unable to float himself out the door. So high up in the sky, Cloud Man really is living the fun life; Just don't confuse him for a real cloud!

Ability Compatibility

Level Up
Thunder Bolt IconThunder BoltStartElectric Type10 Damage90% Accuracy
Core Match
Thunder Strike IconThunder Strike Electric Type14 Damage100% Accuracy Thunder Beam IconThunder Beam Electric / Laser24 Damage85% Accuracy Magnet Missile IconMagnet Missile Missile / Electric14 Damage100% Accuracy Spark Shock IconSpark Shock Electric Type16 Damage90% Accuracy Bright Burst IconBright Burst Time / Electric16 Damage100% Accuracy Gravity Hold IconGravity Hold Electric / Space10 Damage90% Accuracy Thunder Claw IconThunder Claw Electric Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Plug Ball IconPlug Ball Electric Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Thunder Wool IconThunder Wool Electric Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Lightning Bolt IconLightning Bolt Electric Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Spark Chaser IconSpark Chaser Laser / Electric10 Damage90% Accuracy Electric Shock IconElectric Shock Electric / Wind10 Damage90% Accuracy Electric Shot IconElectric Shot Electric Type20 Damage100% Accuracy Electric Buster IconElectric Buster Electric Type30 Damage100% Accuracy Electric Overdrive IconElectric Overdrive Electric Type100% Accuracy
Player Only
Buster Shot IconBuster Shot 12 Damage100% Accuracy Attack Boost IconAttack Boost 33% Recovery100% Accuracy Attack Break IconAttack Break 33% Damage98% Accuracy Attack Swap IconAttack Swap 100% Accuracy Attack Mode IconAttack Mode 30% D60% R100% Accuracy Defense Boost IconDefense Boost 33% Recovery100% Accuracy Defense Break IconDefense Break 33% Damage98% Accuracy Defense Swap IconDefense Swap 100% Accuracy Defense Mode IconDefense Mode 30% D60% R100% Accuracy Speed Boost IconSpeed Boost 33% Recovery100% Accuracy Speed Break IconSpeed Break 33% Damage98% Accuracy Speed Swap IconSpeed Swap 100% Accuracy Speed Mode IconSpeed Mode 30% D60% R100% Accuracy Energy Boost IconEnergy Boost 22% Recovery100% Accuracy Energy Break IconEnergy Break 22% Damage98% Accuracy Energy Swap IconEnergy Swap 100% Accuracy Energy Mode IconEnergy Mode 20% D60% R100% Accuracy Field Support IconField Support 100% Accuracy Mecha Support IconMecha Support 100% Accuracy Light Buster IconLight Buster 34 Damage100% Accuracy Wily Buster IconWily Buster 32 Damage96% Accuracy Cossack Buster IconCossack Buster 36 Damage98% Accuracy

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