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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Commando Man's Mugshot

Commando Man
Missile Core

Commando Man
Missile Core
Mega Man 10
Minesweeper Tank Robot
Cutter Explode
Impact Earth

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Commando Man | Base Sprite Right
Commando Man | Base Sprite Left
Commando Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Commando Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Commando Man | Victory Sprite Right
Commando Man | Victory Sprite Left
Commando Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Commando Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Commando Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Commando Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Commando Man | Throw Sprite Right
Commando Man | Throw Sprite Left
Commando Man | Summon Sprite Right
Commando Man | Summon Sprite Left
Commando Man | Slide Sprite Right
Commando Man | Slide Sprite Left
Commando Man | Defend Sprite Right
Commando Man | Defend Sprite Left
Commando Man | Damage Sprite Right
Commando Man | Damage Sprite Left
Commando Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Commando Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Facing your commander in battle, cadet? That's treason!"
"Enough treason, I'm ending this battle!"
"For attacking your commander, you're going to drop down and give me 20!"
"You may have won this battle, renegade, but I'll win the next..."

Description Text

Commando Man was a robot specifically designed for intense weather, who used remote detonation techniques to clear various minefields all throughout the world. His main technique was the Commando Bomb, a small missile with quite an impact range, that can turn in sharp 90 degree angles. His armor was also intended to handle strong weather, and to be durable enough to handle an explosion. He also carries an antenna on his back, although electrical frequencies can disrupt his signals. He's a bit of a drill-sergeant type robot, giving direct orders he expects his men to follow. It's his way or the highway! He never gives up in a battle unless absolute neccessary, and will always continue fighting, no matter the costs! All that matters is that he can taste victory at the end! He also has a disliking for renegades, and very well considers them the bane of his existence. This guy's all orders, but if you feel like disagreeing with him, it's all fine. Just expect a dozen Commando Bombs to be headed your way....

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

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1,117 Times
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973 Times
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