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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Freeze Man's Mugshot

Freeze Man
Freeze Core

Freeze Man
Freeze Core
Mega Man 7
Icy Blasts Robot
Earth Flame

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Freeze Man | Base Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Base Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Victory Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Victory Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Throw Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Throw Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Summon Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Summon Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Slide Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Slide Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Defend Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Defend Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Damage Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Damage Sprite Left
Freeze Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Freeze Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Get ready to chill out!"
"What's the matter, Robot? Cold feet?"
"Check out my awesome victory pose!"
"Guess I kinda slipped up back there..."

Description Text

Freeze Man was built on the theory that high and low temperatures combined equal normal temperatures, although he was later modified by Dr. Wily to use this for combat. He uses the high temperature as an energy source, and the low to create his weapon, Freeze Cracker. Speaking of Freeze Cracker, it's a snowflake-type projectile that can crack into four smaller pieces. However, the most known trait about this guy is how much of a perfectionist he is. He constantly performs what he calls the coolest pose ever, and spends his time inventing more cool poses. For some odd reason, he has a ton of respect for Ice Man. Freeze Man is a tough opponent, but when he wins, at least he pulls off a cool pose, right?

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

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