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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Galaxy Man's Mugshot

Galaxy Man
Space Core

Galaxy Man
Space Core
Mega Man 9
Astronomic Calculations Robot
Earth Time
Space Nature

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Galaxy Man | Base Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Base Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Victory Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Victory Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Throw Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Throw Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Summon Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Summon Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Slide Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Slide Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Defend Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Defend Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Damage Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Damage Sprite Left
Galaxy Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Galaxy Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"I calculate a 87.36% chance of victory in my favor!"
"Come come, this can't be your best!"
"I won?! I mean...of COURSE I won! I am a genius, after all!"
"Combat is a waste of time for someone of my intellect!"

Description Text

After seeing the use Wily's own Astro Man could've provided for mankind, Dr. Light created Space Man, later to be known as Galaxy Man. His use was to work in a space research center, observing and discovering new stars in the parts in the lesser-known parts of the universe. His main weapon, Black Hole Bomb, was designed to clear nearby meteors that would put any stations in impending danger. He can also retract his arms and legs to soar short distances, stereotypical UFO style. He's an extremely intelligent robot, and in his free time, he likes providing calculations for the trajectory of rockets. However, if he's ever proved wrong about a calculation, he'll quickly change the answer and claim he was only "testing your knowledge." Recently, Galaxy Man and his fellow co-workers have noticed strange signals from space, but have dismissed it as of now, although they haven't kept it out of their minds. Galaxy Man is a knowledgable fellow, and he prefers to use brain over brawn in his battles. He predicts and calculates every possible outcome, making him a dangerously intelligent foe to face.

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

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