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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Slash Man's Mugshot

Slash Man
Nature Core

Slash Man
Nature Core
Mega Man 7
Razor Claws Robot
Freeze Flame

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Slash Man | Base Sprite Right
Slash Man | Base Sprite Left
Slash Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Slash Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Slash Man | Victory Sprite Right
Slash Man | Victory Sprite Left
Slash Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Slash Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Slash Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Slash Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Slash Man | Throw Sprite Right
Slash Man | Throw Sprite Left
Slash Man | Summon Sprite Right
Slash Man | Summon Sprite Left
Slash Man | Slide Sprite Right
Slash Man | Slide Sprite Left
Slash Man | Defend Sprite Right
Slash Man | Defend Sprite Left
Slash Man | Damage Sprite Right
Slash Man | Damage Sprite Left
Slash Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Slash Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Welcome to the jungle, Robot! It's ALL fun and games here!"
"You're not doing so bad, but you won't last long! Hahahaha!"
"You lost the fight, Robot! Hehehe, I enjoyed that game!"
"Pal, you're out of your mind...."

Description Text

Slash Man, a robot created by Dr. Wily and molded after the Stardroid Pluto, was made to clear forests and help construct secret bases for Wily. Slash Man also controls a unit of robot dinosaurs, which help in destroying forests and guarding bases. Wily went all out with the wild aesthetic for Slash Man, as he behaves much like a lion or tiger, as his appearence would suggest. He attacks swiftly and relentlessly, but he is prone to anger and distractions. Normally, you would think the claws mounted to his hands are how he does his slashes, but they are actually part of a wave cutter device he uses to slash enemies. He also uses his Slash Claw with a certain egg gel to temporarily trap the enemy, leaving them defenseless for a short period of time. Combine these two attacks with his ability to jump up walls and dive at opponents, and it's clear to see how Slash Man may be one of the strongest, if not the strongest, close ranged fighter in Wily's arsenal. However, if you can somehow manage to make that wild side of his a weakness, there's a good chance of surviving.

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

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1,290 Times
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1,134 Times
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