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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Splash Woman's Mugshot

Splash Woman
Water Core

Splash Woman
Water Core
Mega Man 9
Aquatic Rescue Robot
Nature Laser

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Splash Woman | Base Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Base Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Taunt Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Taunt Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Victory Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Victory Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Defeat Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Defeat Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Shoot Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Shoot Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Throw Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Throw Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Summon Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Summon Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Slide Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Slide Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Defend Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Defend Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Damage Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Damage Sprite Left
Splash Woman | Base2 Sprite Right
Splash Woman | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Jonathan Backstrom / Rhythm_BCA | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Time to make a splash!"
"Is my beautiful voice distracting you?"
"See? Legs are completely overrated!"
"Ouch! That is NO way to treat a lady!"

Description Text

Dr. Light had originally designed an aquatic robot names Ocean Man, but after seeing the lack of female industrial robots, he decided to tweak his plan, resulting in Splash Woman. She had initially been a rescue robot that would assist swimmers and ships lost out at sea, but this all changed when her experation date had come. Along with the rest of the 9th units, Splash Woman was tricked by Dr. Wily into getting reprogrammed and designed for combat. Her Laser Trident has originally been made for cutting through ship hulls, but Dr. Wily adapted the ability into a projectile, which she shoots from her trident. Splash Woman also leads a school of robotic fish into combat, which she activates by singing, which the fishes' audio sensors pick up on. Although her attacks deal heavy damage, she is frail to attacks, so she prefers to take her opponents out from afar. Despite her fighting skills, she went back to her rescue missions after Mega Man defeated Wily the 9th time. If she's not out at sea, she can often be found in a sea-side karaoke bar, practicing her singing. Now, if only Dr. Light would give her some normal legs so she could try visiting other karaoke bars....

Ability Compatibility

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