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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Tomahawk Man's Mugshot

Tomahawk Man
Earth Core

Tomahawk Man
Earth Core
Mega Man 6
Brave Warrior Robot
Nature Space

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Tomahawk Man | Base Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Base Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Victory Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Victory Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Throw Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Throw Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Summon Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Summon Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Slide Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Slide Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Defend Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Defend Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Damage Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Damage Sprite Left
Tomahawk Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Tomahawk Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by The Zion / maistir1234 | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"The will of the Wakan Tanka is with me. Prepare yourself!"
"Your courage is admirable. It is a shame we must meet here, on the battlefield…"
"The spirits of my fallen brethren will sleep soundly tonight...."
"Was my destiny…a lie?"

Description Text

A warrior and master of the tomahawk, Tomahawk Man was made exclusively for combat. If you haven't figured it out yet, his main weapon is his trusty tomahawk, which he can fire in an upward angle called the Silver Tomahawk. Since he can't fire it in a straight-foward angle, he fires off the feathers on his headdress to compensate for this. He can also throw the Silver Tomahawk up to 300 feet, making it so that if his opponents try to flee, they'll still be hit. He represented his native tribe in America during the First Annual Robot Tournament. He's a brave warrior who enjoys horseback riding. However, if there's one thing he cannot tolerate, it's lies. Tomahawk Man won't be an easy opponent to face, but be brave and fight until the finish!

Ability Compatibility

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