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Mega Man RPG Prototype Robot Database

Wave Man's Mugshot

Wave Man
Water Core

Wave Man
Water Core
Mega Man 5
Amphibious Assault Robot
Swift Missile

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Wave Man | Base Sprite Right
Wave Man | Base Sprite Left
Wave Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Wave Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Wave Man | Victory Sprite Right
Wave Man | Victory Sprite Left
Wave Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Wave Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Wave Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Wave Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Wave Man | Throw Sprite Right
Wave Man | Throw Sprite Left
Wave Man | Summon Sprite Right
Wave Man | Summon Sprite Left
Wave Man | Slide Sprite Right
Wave Man | Slide Sprite Left
Wave Man | Defend Sprite Right
Wave Man | Defend Sprite Left
Wave Man | Damage Sprite Right
Wave Man | Damage Sprite Left
Wave Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Wave Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Sean Adamson / MetalMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Hey, who said you could come here? Go away!"
"On your foot...Sludge? That's it, you're done!"
"At least now I can get some peace and quiet...."
"I just wanna be alone! Is that really too much to ask?"

Description Text

Created to be the amphibious combat robot Bubble Man wasn't, Wave Man was ordered by Wily to invade and control the water quality administration. Wave Man's technique is the Water Wave, a short wave of water that barely reaches knee-height, but can still dish out some damage! All of Wave Man's other moves focus on keeping the opponents away, as short-range combat is his weakness. Wave Man is extremely emotional, easily changing between tears of sadness and fits of rage. He's also not too big on talking to other robots either, preferring to walk on the bottom of the ocean than talk to any of his comrades. He's also very aganist water polloution, particuarly sludge, and will proceed to go on a fit of rage if he sees any. If Wave Man is on his normal bouts of rage, surf his Water Wave all the way to his personal space, and calm him down yourself!

Ability Compatibility

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